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Most homeowners think that they can save money by personally cleaning their own carpets but most of them end up with clearly cleaned carpets that are not visually pleasing. Therefore, it is always a good idea to seek the services of professional carpet cleaners to do the job for you and leave you with visually pleasing carpets that will potentially last for long. Companies that offer carpet cleaning services have the best equipment and cleaning professionals to ensure that clients have well maintained and healthier carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

If you’re in Auburn, California, and are wanting to clean your carpets, we’d like to offer you some tips to get the very best cleaning possible, at a very good price!  

Should I clean my own carpets?

While many people successfully clean their own carpets, the results can be mixed.  Steam cleaning, or shampooing with a machine, is best left to the professionals who can ensure the right amount of cleaner and water are used.  Using improper amounts of cleaner, a common mistake made by home owners, can leave residue in the carpet fibers.  This sticky residue attracts dirt, leading to carpets that are soiled again in just a few weeks.  Too much water, another common mistake, is likely to leave carpets damp for too long, contributing to mold and mildew.  Yuk!  

We suggest you leave carpet cleaning to us, the Auburn, California carpet cleaning professionals.  We cost a bit more than a home job, but the results are exceptional!

Will my carpets get truly clean?

 A carpet in Auburn cleaned

We can’t guarantee that every spot or stain will come out, but we are usually very successful.  We use a combination of smart cleaning materials paired with the highest quality machines and a lot of technical skill, to remove as much of the dirt from the carpets as possible.  In the process we get rid of the spots you can see and the residue and silt you can’t see, that’s buried in the roots of the carpet fibers. So yes, we think our cleaning will get your carpets truly clean.  

When’s the best time to clean my carpets?

The simple answer is to clean your carpets when they’re dirty!  Many people make the mistake of letting their carpets continue to accumulate dirt for many more months or even years than necessary.  Many professional carpet manufacturers recommend a thorough cleaning once a year to maintain the life of your carpet.  We agree that annual cleaning will help preserve the life of your carpet fiber, by removing the deep dirt that wears down the base of the carpet material over time.  If you have pets or children, you may want to have your carpets cleaned at least twice a year to remove stains and dirt from spills and tracked in debris.

As far as time of year, the spring and fall, when doors and windows can be left open for a few hour, are the absolute best times for carpet cleaning.  The additional air flow from open doors will allow for quick drying.  However, winter or summer cleaning works almost equally as well, especially in the mild climate of Auburn, California.

How long will my carpets stay clean?

The answer to this questions depends on a variety of factors.  How many people are living in your home?  Do you have children?  What about pets?  Do you wear shoes in your home? 

Perhaps most importantly, how did you last clean your carpet?  Professional carpet cleaning will have the longest-lasting results.  This is because we have perfected the amounts of cleaning materials and water to use on your carpets. We’re not going to under-clean your rugs, getting only the surface stains off while leaving deeply settled dirt to reappear soon.  We’re also not going to over clean, adding too much cleaner or water to the carpet and leaving it soggy and prone to mold, or soapy and likely to attract dirt.

With a professional carpet cleaning, we expect your carpets to look and feel clean for many months.  Without heavy use or wear, they should only need cleaning once a year.

How should I prepare for carpet cleaning?

Cleaning your carpet is our job, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you.  There’s no need to vacuum ahead of time, we’ll do all the cleaning when we arrive.  We can also move furniture as needed, and work around your breakables.  However, if you wish to, you can move small furniture pieces, or knick-knacks to another room or the garage so that they remain undisturbed by our professional, Auburn, California, cleaners. 

Otherwise, simply prepare to be amazed by the cleanliness of your floors!