Your office is not only the place where you do business, but it also reflects how your business looks to prospective and current clients.

We have been a cleaning service that has served many businesses all over Northern California for over a decade, and we are confident that we can clean any commercial business in Auburn, CA.  Why?  Because this our specialty, plus we have the experience and the know how to get the job done right.

What we offer

  • Regular office cleaning

  • Deep cleaning

  • Event cleaning

  • Large scale cleaning

  • Eco-friendly (upon request)

  • Trusted and screened staff

Not only that, but we cater to our clients and customers, and we will clean (or not clean) any part of your home with agreed upon terms.  Do you like a certain cleaner? No problem, we will use it.

All of our commercial cleaning is with our own equipment.

Save money and time with our commercial staff of janitors who are trustworthy and effective for any kind of commercial business, including, but not limited to: Banks, restaurants, law firms, schools, warehouses, and more.

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When looking into options for handling the cleaning of yor commercial or educational building, the idea of hiring dedicated staff is often one that first comes to mind. However, upon closer inspection, hiring a professional janitorial cleaning services is actually a more cost effective choice, saving you money and time. There are a number of contributing factors to this point, which will show you why our company should be your first choice for all of your commercial cleaning needs.

The Disadvantages of Dedicated Cleaning Staff

While it seems like a simpler option to hire new employees to handle all of the cleaning needs for your commercial or educational building, doing so ends up costing you in both money and time. A member of your staff must take time away from their usual duties in order to post the job listing, review submitted job applications, answer calls inquiring about the job, as well as then conduct numerous interviews, make phone calls to check references, and then oversee training of the new hires. In addition to the lost time and greater pressure placed upon that employee as they must struggle to complete their usual duties, there is the financial cost that comes with hiring new employees, such as insurance and the wages of the new employees.

Unfortunately, the growing expenses don't end there. Now that you have the employees necessary to perform all of the janitorial cleaning, you must purchase cleaning products and equipment -with the purchase of cleaning products and equipmet maintenance or replacement being a revolving cosst. From there, dedicated storage space must be allocated in order to keep the cleaning products and equipment secure from unauthorized personnel who may otherwise abuse free access to harsh chemical cleaners. This may require remodeling and the construction of a locked cleaning closet -which only further increases the time and cost spent. And throughout this process, you still don't have anyone to perform the much needed daily cleaning that comes with large commercial and educational buildings.

As you can see, there's nothing simple about this decision as the initial cost is considerable and comes with its own revolving costs.

Why our Commercial Cleaning is the Best Choice

The disadvantages of hiring dedicated cleaning staff are removed when you choose to hire our professional commercial cleaning company. We provide very flexible scheduling to meet the needs of your business or institution and will work quickly to ensure that we can begin to cover your janitorial cleaning needs as soon as possible. Each of our staff undergoes comprehensive initial and ongoing training so you have nothing to worry about regarding the job being done improperly or without the attention to detail that truly marks a job done well. We also come prepared with all of the cleaning products and equipment necessary, saving you the investment cost of large commercial cleaning equipment and free you of the obligation of storing and maintaining said equipment.

Our company specializes in commercial cleaning, including private businesses, educational buildings, and government buildings. You can reach us immediately by phone to go over any questions you may have on the scope of our services as well as to ask about our cleaning methods, the products we use, and the training of our staff. We can also provide you a rough estimate based upon the size of your building and the number of janitors that would be required.

You'll quickly see that it only makes sense to handle a professional janitorial cleaning company to handle your cleaning needs, as the job will be done to the highest standards possible and you'll save money in the long run.