Home Cleaning Services

We have cleaned homes in and around Auburn, CA, for a number of years, including apartments (move ins, move outs), houses, mansions, condos, vacation rentals and more.  It has been a pleasure to help clean the houses renters, home owners, and landlords who have needed regular cleaning and, based upon their needs, deep cleaning.  

We hope that you will try our home cleaning service and see that our professional staff housekeepers will clean any home at an affordable price. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Home Cleaning Services


Here are a number of household areas and elements that we generally clean for the residents of Auburn county:

  • Kitchen cleaning: Counter tops, stoves, dishes, floors, cupboards, cupboard doors, and more.

  • Bedrooms: Floors, dusting, trash, and more.

  • Living room: Floors vacuumed, trash, couches vacuumed (upon request), tables cleaned with appropriate cleaner, and more.

  • Bathrooms: Baths, sinks, vanities, cupboards, shower heads, all clean. Floors swept and mopped (see toilet cleaning tips)

  • Alternative rooms: General cleaning of all requested areas.:

  • Home Offices: Vacuumed, dusted, trash disposable, general cleaning.

  • Desks: Dusted, trash disposal, general cleaning, and more.

  • Halls/Walking areas: Swept and mopped or vacuumed, and general cleaning.

  • Laundry room: Swept, mopped or vacuumed; general cleaning.

  • Custom cleaning: We will clean any item or alternative room upon agreement of terms.

Auburn Cleaning Services

We are more than confident that our cleaning services for your home property will be effective for the general well-being, as well as the aesthetics, of your home.  We understand that cleaning can be difficult, and finding reliable professionals to regularly clean is also challenging, so we will accommodate those needs with the schedule that you prefer (within reason).

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