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It is always important to clean home appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators and toasters, and that's why our maids in Auburn specialize in this. Cleaning prevents bacteria and other disease causing organisms from spreading. Appliance cleaning also enhances the durability of appliances. This reduces replacement costs. Unfortunately, not everybody knows how to clean them. We are going to provide you with important information on how to clean microwaves, refrigerators and toasters.

Here are some tips from staff on how to clean appliances in your home:

How to Clean Microwaves

  1. Take lemon or orange and chop them.
  2. Mix the chopped pieces in a cup of water. Make sure that the cup you are using is microwave safe.
  3. Put the cup of water containing chopped orange or lemon inside microwave.
  4. Turn on the microwave on high mode for sometime. Wait until the solution boils. The resultant vapour makes inside of the microwave steamy.
  5. Allow the microwave to cool for a period of about 15 minutes.
  6. Open the microwave door
  7. Remove the cup from the microwave and then wipe the interior part using a soft cloth or any other suitable material.
  8. Using a sponge which has been dampened with water, wipe the rubber gasket
  9. In the event the microwave window is greasy, use a mixture of water and vinegar in equal proportion.

How To Clean A Refrigerator

  1. Unplug your refrigerator from the socket
  2. Take a coil brush and slide it beneath the surface of the fridge to remove dust.
  3. Remove everything contained in the fridge
  4. Ensure that all the drawers are removed and placed in the sink
  5. Clean the drawers by scrubbing them with a soft sponge under soapy water
  6. Allow the drawers to dry
  7. Using a soft cloth, wipe the walls of the fridge to remove dirt.
  8. Proceed to the shelves and clean them thoroughly
  9. Take an old toothbrush and use it to remove any dirt hidden in the crevices.
  10. Plug the fridge back to power source.
  11. Take the drawers back to the fridge
  12. Return your food while ensuring that all the jars and bottles containing them are wiped well.


  1. Unplug your toaster from the socket and allow it to cool before beginning the cleaning process
  2. Remove the crumb tray from the toaster.
  3. Shake the crumb tray to remove all the loose crumbs.
  4. In the event that your toaster does not have a removable tray, you can turn it upside down and then shake it to remove the crumbs.
  5. If you realize that your tray still contains crumbs, use soapy water until they are completely removed.
  6. For the hard to reach corners, you can use basting brush to remove the crumbs.
  7. Using a soft cloth dipped in water, wipe the outside part of the toaster including the knobs.
  8. To make your toaster shiny especially if it is made frim stainless steel, wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with vinegar solution.
  9. Finish by pouring out all the crumbs into a specific place. Dispose off the crumbs.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the above are the steps for cleaning microwaves, fridges and toasters. They are easy to follow and simple to apply. You are advised to use them when carrying out appliance cleaning. 

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