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One of the essentials for the health of your home our business is regular cleaning.  The problem that a lot of people have in our busy culture is finding the time to do it.  We at Out of Sight Cleaning offer flexible cleaning schedules that are suitable for all houses and places of business.

When you need cleaning in your home, work and social life can make it difficult to find the right time for professional maids.  And, likewise, a business place typically has a lot of traffic, so the best times for cleaning are the off hours of the business.  Our staff will help you with this by working around your home and work schedule.

Scheduled cleaning

What kind of cleaning schedule do you need? Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and/or one time only.  We regularly do all those times:

  • Daily: For businesses and homes that have a lot of busy traffic and are more difficult to maintain.
  • Weekly: This is the most popular one for residents and home owners that need some regular cleaning maintenance.
  • Bi-weekly: This is typically used for houses and homes that only need a regular bit of cleaning.
  • Monthly: We generally receive these requests in order to do regular deep cleaning.
  • One time: This can be either for deep cleaning or to just catch up on regular cleaning by household members or employees.

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Cleaning your home or business can be too much for you, depending on your schedule.  We would love to help you with regular cleaning, based on a flexible schedule that we can both agree upon.  Call us today at 530 - 432 - 3795 for a free quote (or fill out the form above).