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Most people will agree that cleaning the bathroom is more important than cleaning nearly any other part of the building. People might not even notice if the hallways aren't swept on one random day. However, going one day without cleaning the bathrooms in any building can sometimes be a disaster. In a public place, this tendency is even more pronounced. Children are not always tidy in the bathroom, and cleaning the bathroom is certainly one of the most important parts of school cleaning.

The Challenges of Cleaning School Bathrooms

Obviously, the cleaning staff will sterilize the bathrooms after everyone has gone home for the day. Of course, some people stay late at the school and there are night classes at some high schools, which is going to make it harder for the cleaning staff to get everything completed. People might be able to go a whole evening without messing up a particular corridor. People will still need the bathroom. Clean bathrooms often represent something of a transitory state.

Clean bathrooms represent even more of a transitory state during the school hours. Custodial staff members are constantly called down to the bathrooms in order to address some random emergency. In some cases, the staff members are more or less going to have to clean the school bathrooms throughout the day, making this more of an ongoing project than something that stays finished for even one day.

It is true that house cleaning in general is never truly finished, just as people are never done feeding themselves. However, the difficulties associated with cleaning make the situation that much more difficult for the people who are tasked with this every single day, and nearly every hour of every single day.

Tasks With Cleaning School Bathrooms


There is also a disconnect between a bathroom that looks clean and a bathroom that is clean. Custodians who clean bathrooms are going to have to make sure all of the debris and waste paper are off of the floors and the toilets. Once the surfaces look clean, they are also going to have to go through the effort of making these surfaces as sterile as possible. Toilets and sinks need to be cleaned with disinfectant. The actual toilets themselves need to be cleaned separately from the other surfaces in the bathrooms to avoid cross-contamination. It's important to make the bathroom look presentable, but it is just as important to actually get rid of the bacteria. Custodians will also have to deal with biohazards like blood on the job.

While no one is going to do microbial testing in bathrooms in most cases, people can still often tell if the bathroom is not sterile enough as a result of odor-causing bacteria. The bathrooms that smell better are usually cleaner. Naturally, getting rid of odors in bathrooms is very difficult, particularly since it is so easy to bring them back. Custodians in charge of cleaning the school bathrooms can feel like even specific parts of their work will never be finished.

Custodians are in charge of making sure the bathrooms have enough toilet tissue, soap, and disposable tampons or pads. Naturally, many bathrooms will run out of all of these supplies throughout the day. Some kids might end up wasting them, and there is very little that the custodians can do about that. However, the fluctuating levels of bathroom supplies will just constitute additional obstacles for the people who have to maintain the bathrooms.

Custodians are often in charge of fixing problems with the plumbing in bathrooms, as well as clogs. They might need to bring in more experienced plumbers in the case of severe and unprecedented problems. However, for the most part, custodians have to fix the minor emergencies that can arise from people using the bathroom in a relatively normal fashion.

Bathrooms are among the most chaotic parts of any building. Lots of water, lots of soap, and lots of disinfectant goes into maintaining them. It takes a lot of complex plumbing for them to function in a normal and effective manner. School cleaning in many of the other parts of the building just involves sweeping and vacuuming the floor. School cleaning in the bathroom involves working with hazardous waste and maintaining a complex indoor mechanical system.

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