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There is nothing that makes a home uncomfortable than a smelly toilet. The worst thing to do is cleaning it. But cleaning it has to be done either way. There are high-tech, self-cleaning thrones that will help you clean your toilet and make the task less gross. However, not every home has them. So we are going to look at some of the best cleaning tips for toilets. 

1. Clean from the least to the most gross surfaces

This is a trick that makes sense as wiping from the front to the back is a cleaning technique used on any surface. You can start by doing the handle first, then the top and back of the tank. You can then proceed to the top of the toilet seat then the underside. This is good trick that helps you avoid spreading germs from the grosser surface. 

2. Wear gloves

The best way to make sure your toilet is cleaner than ever is by using gloves to clean it. You will only be comfortable about cleaning a filthy toilet if you know you are protected from the germs and the chemicals you are using. It is advisable to get the disposable gloves that fit better than the bulky rubber cleaning gloves.

3. Use paper towels or microfiber cloths

Although paper towels may not be the best environmentally friendly option when cleaning any surface, they are the best since they can toss the germ away and live your toilet odorless and germ free. Microfiber clothes have also been proven to reduce up to 99 percent of germs and bacteria using just water alone. You should always remember to wash your microfiber in hot water with mild detergent. 

4. Use an extendable scrubber

It may not be easy to reach the sides and base of your toilet especially if you are using a sponge or scrub brush. If you have a dirty toilet and would like to give it the best cleaning ever, use an extendable scrubber. This will clean behind the toilet so you don’t have to get your face down there. 

5. Check out the brush you use

The type of brush you use to clean your toilet will determine how clean your toilet will be after you are done. The best brush has bristles that scrub effectively and doesn’t flick water back at you while cleaning. 

6. Use orange juice

There are many products in the market that will promise you a clean toilet. However, not all of them work. Trying out orange juice as a toilet cleaning agent will help you achieve the cleanest toilet in the neighborhood. You can use two teaspoons a day. Put them in the toilet swish and allow them to sit for a while. You should then scrub the toilet vigorously while adding more orange juice powder bit by bit. 

That said, you shouldn’t allow your toilet to have too much dirt before you can clean it. But with the above mentioned tips, you should be in a position to do a proper cleaning the next time you wish to clean your toilet. Keeping your toilet clean at all times is good for your health and the well-being of your entire family. 

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