Hiring Professional Cleaners for Retail

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Hiring Professional Cleaners for Retail

A busy retail establishment can have thousands of people moving in and out on a daily basis necessitating high levels of cleaning which might be overwhelming to you. Lack of thoroughness in cleaning can turn away customers, making you lose on revenue or make you incur litigation costs from suits. You require to hire professionals to help you accomplish the task professionally and efficiently. Professional cleaners can handle a range of your cleaning needs such as mopping, dusting, carpet cleaning, floor polishing, window cleaning, and other minor cleaning tasks arising from time to time. Hiring cleaning services for retail stores has the following benefits:

Cleaning Companies are Professionals

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Having your staff clean crucial parts of your retail establishment such as toilets and the carpeted area can result in substandard work since they lack the skills required to accomplish the task satisfactorily. Cleaning companies will conduct a thorough job in such sensitive areas capable of influencing a customer’s opinion about your store. The companies have the right tools and expertise to get the job done and instill confidence in your shoppers. You will have cleaning tasks done right without having to repeat. Cleaning companies do not just clean; they also offer you useful suggestions on how you can maintain the surfaces that require cleaning to ensure their quality does not deteriorate.

Risk Mitigation

Floor cleaning poses a danger to persons doing the job and others due to using off chemicals and wet floors on walkways. Cleaning companies’ staff are trained in safe working procedures to ensure the safety of other people in their working environment. Also, hiring cleaning services for your retail store transfers third-party liability form you to them. Cleaning companies are insured against risks that may occur in their workplaces which is a good thing to you when medical bills and compensation suits arise.

High Traffic Protection

Retail store premises have a lot of activities that can cause damage to the floors and walls such as pulling of loaded carts and dragging of heavy merchandise. The floor requires regular re-waxing and polishing to prevent discoloration on walkways. Do it yourself cleaning is incapable of maintaining your floor which will cost you more to repair and overhaul. Hiring the cleaning services ensures your floor is well taken care of thus saving on capital investment allocated to depreciation.


Cleaning companies have specialized equipment for commercial cleaning that will enable them to cover the vast area in a shorter time thus reducing business interruptions. Cleaning companies also possess expert knowledge about the various chemicals that are best suited to give you good results from their years of experience.

Cleaning Services

Time is money. Spending valuable time cleaning your retail outlet or engaging staff in cleaning makes you lose resources in the form of time, productivity, and revenues. Your staff becomes demotivated from having to perform a task they know little about and were neither hired to accomplish. Hire professionals to clean your store and support your staff to deliver on your business objective. An adequately cleaned working environment reduces the chance for your staff to contract respiratory diseases which increases absenteeism rate thus negatively impacting on productivity.

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How To Prevent Restaurant Health Code Violations Through Cleaning

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How To Prevent Restaurant Health Code Violations Through Cleaning

Preparing and maintaining a regular cleaning schedule that covers all the areas in your restaurant is the best way to avoid health code violations. Most health code violations originate from the most unlikely places and equipment that are usually overlooked during cleaning. Health inspectors understand this and will try to make you pay dearly for your shortcomings in cleaning these spots. Maintaining these red-flagged areas and items spotless is the most effective defense you can put against dismal hygiene performance during surprise inspections. You should categorize cleaning tasks to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Daily Cleaning Tasks


Many food establishments fail to meet health regulations on cleanliness due to failures in daily cleaning tasks. Tasks in this category are sensitive and failing to execute them compounds the resulting mess. Areas that come into direct contact with dirt should be cleaned on a daily basis. Some of these areas will require to be cleaned more than once in a day when they become dirty. Daily cleaning tasks include:

  • Wiping down the walls to clear them of splashes
  • Floors.
  • Countertops
  • Disinfecting food preparation areas
  • Wiping the electronic appliances to remove spills from food and prevent accumulation of dirt.
  • Cleaning beverage dispenser heads and bottle openers.
  • Wash the crockery and utensils and leave them to dry.
  • Clean rags, aprons, towels, and uniforms.
  • Replenish the soap dispensers and paper towel rolls.
  • Remove waste material and recycled products from the kitchen store.
  • Disinfect the waste disposal area and the waste bins

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Areas that do not require daily cleaning but are exposed to a considerable amount of soiling should be cleaned once in a week. The cleaning work includes:

  • Cleaning the ovens.
  • De-liming the faucets and sinks
  • Disinfect walk-in freezers and refrigerators
  • Cleaning of mats
  • Cleaning the floor drains
  • Monthly Cleaning Tasks
  • Remove grim on electrical appliances in the kitchen
  • Clean and disinfect the cold store
  • Dust the refrigerator coils
  • Wash vent hoods
  • Empty the grease traps
  • Clean and sanitize the freezer
  • Wash walls and the ceiling to get rid of grease build-up
  • Replace pest traps.

Personal hygiene must also be incorporated into your restaurant cleaning habits. Food handlers must wash their hands and ensure to work with clean equipment. Hand washing sinks must be within reach when preparing food. Dishwashers must be maintained at the right temperature, and cleaned utensils let to dry and not be wiped. Finally, chemicals and other cleaning materials must be stored away from food items to avoid contamination.

You should ensure that your restaurant cleaning can pass internal inspections to have the assurance that you will not be held in contravention of health codes. Having some cleaning schedules that run concurrently is vital to have an overlooked spot be remedied when you still have time and also put in place measures to avoid the shortcoming in future. Entrenching proper cleaning habits among your employees in your establishment might take time, but the benefits far outweigh the long wait. Maintaining a fool-proof cleaning schedule is vital for the good health of your staff, customers and business growth.

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Outdoor Grill Cleaning Tips

Nothing says summer like barbeque parties. Friends, food, and fire come together and it is finally that season where you can walk around in shorts and catch up with old friends over a piece of a juicy steak in your well-manicured lawn or garden. However, it is not always sunshine and rainbow especially if you are the one who is often hosting these parties because you are left with a lot of dirty work to do and one of the most hectic tasks is having to keep up with your grill.

Fortunately, we are here to make such tasks a walk in the park and with the rundown of outdoor grill cleaning tips below then you can look forward towards barbeque parties in your home again.


Vinegar has been referred to as the liquid with 101 uses and true to that besides salad dressings and spicing up food, it is an efficient dirt and stain remover which will make cleaning your grill an easy-peasy task. All you need is white table vinegar, lukewarm water, aluminum foil and on top of it all, a spray bottle and you are good to go.

With the items ready here is how you go about the outdoor cleaning• Add two cups of the white table vinegar into the spray bottle then add two cups of water.

  • Cork the spray bottle and then shake the mixture vigorously
  • Spray the solution on the racks of your grill to saturation and let the solution dry for ten minutes
  • As it dries pour out any remaining solution and refill the spray bottle with the vinegar again
  • Also, fold the aluminum foil into a two-inch small square shape
  • Lastly, spray the vinegar on the foil and use it as the scrubber for your grill.

You do not need to rinse and once you finish these steps then your grill will be ready for that major barbeque in your neighborhood

However, you can replace the aluminum foil with a normal cotton cloth cleaner if you feel that it will work best and if you loathe the vinegar smell then you can use the diluted solution you first created to finish the entire process.

Vinegar and baking powder

Vinegar has 101 uses but baking powder is the mother of all life hack substances as it has 1001 uses and cleaning your grill is one of them. This method helps you clean your grill grates and leaves them looking as good as new. What you need is baking powder, vinegar, and a large plastic bag and should be done overnight

  • Mix one cup of white table vinegar and a cup of baking powder in a dish then stir
  • Take your plastic bag (big enough for the grill grates to fit) put the grates inside and pour the solution you created in step one but be sure to pour it on the racks
  • Close the bag and leave it overnight as doing so gives time for the solution to loosen the dirt
  • In the morning, all you need to do is rinse your grill grates with a lot of water and it will be left looking spotlessly clean. If there is any grime residue remaining in the morning a grill brush will be the only tool needed to remove it because it has already loosened up. Also, keep in mind that mixing vinegar and baking powder causes fizzling so that should not alarm you and also ensure that you mix it in a big dish to prevent it from pouring.

Prevent further build up

You don’t have to keep on leaving your grill looking filthy at the end of the day because there are things you can do to prevent buildup and create an easy time for yourself during cleaning. Below are a few:

  • Grease the grill grates with cooking oil before the cooking kicks off
  • Scrubbing the grates with a raw onion before you start will also work
  • After the cooking, you can again use a raw piece of a sliced onion to scrub or use a grill brush (without bristles) to scrape your hot grates to remove any stubborn dirt residues. Plus doing so helps prevent foul smells and ensure that your grill remains in tip-top shape

Final thoughts

With lifesaving solutions like vinegar and baking powder, outdoor grill cleaning shouldn’t be as hard as people make it look. You can now proudly accept to be the host for your school reunion party without having to worry about the condition of your grill because the above tactics will help you keep it spotless clean in readiness for your summer party or family reunion.