How to Get Wax Out OF Your Carpet

Everybody loves the intimate and warm ambiance provided by candlelight. The worst moment is when wax drips all over the carpet. Determining the ways of removing wax from a rug is necessary for everyone who loves using candles during for example parties or maybe in areas prone blackouts. Luckily, the removal process requires materials which can be accessed quickly or you already have them at home. Tackling the problem right away enables you to get your carpet wax free and spotless. Below is a guide on how to get wax out of carpets.

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Materials Required

  • An ice pack or a bag of ice, rubbing alcohol, or carpet cleaner

  • Iron ( You can use a hair dryer for worse conditions)

  • Terry cloth towel, paper towel, or a brown paper bag

  • Vacuum

  • Butter knife or a dull knife

The process of carpet wax removal involves two methods which are Freezing it out and melting it away.

Freeze It Out

  1. Place a bag of ice over the stain - You can use whatever you have such as ice packs or a frozen material such a slab of meat to get the stain as cold as possible. Wait for a few minutes until you are sure the wax is frozen. This solidifies and hardens it, making it simple to pick off when it is completely solid.

  2. Chip away the stain using a butter knife - Get rid of as much much wax as possible and also consider cleaning it make the process more successful. Minimizing the amount of wax to handle in the end, the better. If you unable to remove much wax and a substantial amount is left over, don't worry because you can alternatively move to method two where you will have to melt the wax using an iron.

  3. Once the wax is gone, spray the area with cleaner - You can use a cleaning solvent or carpet spray. If there are stains left from the solvent, clean using alcohol to get rid of the color. After solvent application, blot with a clean rag and clean water to get rid of any leftover residue.

  4. Vacuum the area - After the rug has gone through a pretty harrowing process, vacuum it to get back to its original texture.

Melting it Away

  1. Place a sheet of a brown paper bag over the spot (Not plastic). You can do the job using a lunch bag or a bag from the grocery store by placing it at the edge of the stain. Under the covered part by the bag, put a towel. You are required to move the bag as the wax saturates and be careful not to cause a further mess.

  2. Set iron at a warm setting. Only the heat is required thus don’t get the iron too hot because it will melt the bag. Also, avoid using a steam setting.

  3. Slowly Iron over the paper bag. Wax will get out of the carpet as it absorbs onto the paper bag. As it saturates, slide the wax out onto the towel and expose it to the uncovered part of the bag. Do not leave the iron for too long in any spot to avoid ending up burning the carpet and aggravating your problem. When there is no further appearance of the stain on the paper, lift it up cautiously and check whether there is anything left. If there is more wax left, repeat the process, and eventually, you will get rid of the wax.

  4. Remove any remaining stains by rubbing alcohol. Put a cloth over the stain and use the iron (steam setting should be on). The dye should be absorbed by the cloth and away from the carpet.

  5. Spray the area with a cleaning solvent or carpet spray for good measure. Finally, you can lay the cloth on top of the sprayed area and iron it but make sure the steam setting is on the same way as the previous step of rubbing alcohol. Try vacuuming the carpet if it seems a little worse for the wear. Eventually, the carpet should rejuvenate its former beautiful look.

Conclusively, Cleaning your carpet is a crucial part of maintaining your home clean. A home reflects the personality as well as the lifestyle of a person. Your home cleanliness makes you feel pleasant and comfortable.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the results of this methodology, and we suggest having a professional take care of your carpets.



Top Tips on Mattress Cleaning

Bedroom cleaning is an important task during your house cleaning process. However, cleaning our mattresses is something that we mostly neglect when we are cleaning our bedrooms. We tend to think that it is not an important part of our house cleaning. This is so even though we spend more than a third of our life on our mattresses. If left unclean for a long period, there are many negative effects associated with dirty mattresses. Unclean mattresses create a good habitat for bacteria and molds to grow on and other parasites such as mites. As a result, you will end up with uncomfortable sleep. This is the reason why it is important to keep your mattress always clean.


Mattress cleaning can be very confusing at most of the time. As a result, in this article, we discuss top 5 tips to perfectly clean a mattress. We aim to help you keep your bedroom completely clean making sure that you have the sleep of your desires all night through.

  • Stripping off All Bed Sheets and Other Beddings: The first step when cleaning your mattress is to strip off all the bed sheets and other beddings from your bed. These beddings need to be properly cleaned. To remove the tough stains on them, use the top-rated laundry detergents with a hot water setting on your washing machine. After cleaning them, consider drying them on high heat to kill any surviving bacteria.

  • Vacuuming Your Mattress: One of the best ways to get lead of dust, dead skin and bacteria stuck on your mattress surface is by vacuuming the entire mattress surface. It is good that you look for areas where there are openings on the mattress. Any mattress opening works as a hiding place for dirt, dust, or the dead skin. Mattress vacuuming should be done on regular bases. This is the case since the rate of bacteria multiplication is usually very high rate. Regular mattress vacuuming keeps any disease-causing micro-organisms off your mattress.

  • Treat any Spotted Stains: It is true that many of us go to sleep with pets. These pets may end up helping themselves on your mattress. This works as one source of stains on your mattress. Stains may also be as a result of taking snacks on the bed. Removing these stains greatly helps to keep your mattress clean. For proper stain removal, consider using the appropriate upholstery cleaners suitably made to eliminate stains from your bed. Ensure that you do not get over wet your bed when removing these stains. This will reduce the chances of mold growth on your mattress.

  • Deodorizing Your Mattress: To deodorize your mattress, you can sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress surface. If it's the first time you are doing this, you can use a full pound box on your mattress. Leave the mattress in this state for at least 24 hours. To make the deodorizing process effective, consider placing the mattress under hot sunlight rays near the window. After 24 hours, get back to vacuum your mattress with the appropriate vacuum's Upholstery attachment. To kill any odors, use disinfecting spray on the mattress and the box spring. This will help to kill the bacteria that are responsible for the unpleasant smells.

  • Buying a mattress pad and bed covers: Bed covers and mattress pads absorb any moisture keeping it from getting to the mattress. This helps to keep the mattress free of stains. It will also help keep your mattress off the sweat, dead skin and dust particles.

Together with the above-described tips on mattress cleaning, bed covers, and mattress pads help to prevent all pests and parasites away from your bed. As a result, you can enjoy a sweet sleep all the time. Remember that cleaning your mattress helps to take an important step in the house cleaning process.



3 Myths about Carpet Cleaning

One way homeowners find it easy to increase beauty in their homes is by carpeting their rooms. Carpeting increases the value of your home, making different room occupants feel comfortable. It also enhances the style and design of your house. However, when it comes to carpet cleaning, there is a lot of faulty information that may bring you a sense of confusion. Therefore, you cannot rely on these myths to determine whether or not to clean your carpet. In this article, we have outlined the three main myths that you are likely to face about carpet cleaning. We have identified these myths and discussed the hidden truth.

#1. High-powered cleaner should not be used to clean carpets


Truth: The claim that high-powered carpet cleaners will destroy your carpet is and always will remain false. According to this myth, high-power cleaners damages and wear out your carpet. But this is not the case when you hire a professional carpet cleaner. With a trained person, you can relax your mind and be assured that the cleaning process will not wear out your carpet. Instead, you can expect for a fresh look, a clean and a new looking carpet. High-powered cleaners will only bring damage to your carpet if misused. This is the reason why you need to hire a professional person to ensure that these types of equipment are well handled. If you want to maintain the original look of your carpet, this is among the best types of equipment you can consider using. As a result, you will be able to lengthen the life of your carpet. If you want to hire well-trained personnel for your carpet cleaning process, consider getting one from Grass Valley Carpet Cleaning Services.

#2. Carpet-cleaning destroys your carpet’s original look, and you need to clean it if only stains can be noticed on it.

Many people believe that cleaning your carpet will destroy it from its original look. However, this is not the truth. With the improved levels of technology, high-quality carpet cleaners and chemicals have been established. These cleaners are safe for use on your carpet. They are designed to gently reach down between the carpet fibers leaving your carpet completely clean. Contrary to this myth, it has been realized that cleaning your carpet on a regular basis helps to keep it looking new at all times. Using modern cleaners and newly designed chemicals will clean your carpet in an amazing way.

As for advice to those who want to use the modern carpet cleaners, first, try it on a small spot and see the effects. This will help you to identify the right cleaners and product to use on your carpet. Using the wrong cleaners will have negative affects your carpet. Using modern cleaners is an efficient way of carpet cleaning with fewer chances of experiencing any difficulties. This is the best method for you to adopt as it is associated with great results in the cleaning of your carpet.

#3. By cleaning your carpet you attract molds and mildew in your home

Truth: Carpet cleaning can facilitate molds growth in your home if only the carpet is not well dried. But with thorough drying, there will be no moisture trapped. This means that there will be no attraction of molds and mildew in your home as a result of carpet cleaning. At Green Valley, we use carpet cleaner models that will dry your carpet completely. This makes the carpet cleaning task simple and easy. It also ensures that you can resume using your carpet as soon as possible. Keeping your carpet clean will greatly reduce the chances of mold growth in your home.

One of the best ways to maintain the quality of your carpet is by keeping it clean. Making sure that the cleaning process is correct keeps your floor looking new all days. The truth is, if you give a deep thought about some of these myths, you realize that they can be avoided.

Note: it is advisable that you always read through the instructions on how the cleaner and the cleaning products are to be used. Manufactures will always provide a manual on how to operate different cleaners and instructions on how the chemical should be safely and correctly used. Different carpets will have the specific type of chemicals to be used on them. Be sure on what the type of your carpet is. This will help to prevent the occurrence of any possible problems.



Screen Door Cleaning Tips

It is essential to know the best way to clean a screen door to keep your house looking amazing each season. Many people have used these tips and found useful. Learn more!


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How Pets Can Hurt Your Carpets


Pets are charming and most people regard them as family members. They offer a lot of companionships that people cannot ignore because they are enjoyable to play with and cute. In spite of this, they can become irritating due to the damage they can destroy some of the valuable items in the house. No matter how correctly trained your pet is, accidents happen. Particularly, pets can lead to a loss of artistic value or even the lifespan of a carpet because they make the carpet dirty within a short time. This article discusses how pets can hurt your carpet.

Pets bring dirt from outdoors onto the carpet. This scenario is often prevalent in homes that have pets with four legs like cats and dogs. These pets gather dust on their feet when they go outside and play, then come back in the house and get rid of the dirt on the carpet. The soil brought home by the pets from outside sticks on the pets because they have natural oils on their bodies that attracts dust. When the pets get home, they lie on the carpets passing on the dirt onto the mats, and the dirt is ground in the carpets as they continue lying on the same position frequently. The oils on their bodies also get transferred on the carpets, and they contribute to making the carpet dirty.

Pet hairs also make the carpet dirty. It is essential to keep in mind that pets scrub themselves against the carpet because it is their tactic of scrapping their backs when they feel itchy. Also, dogs and cats get rid of their coats at certain times in their lifetimes. Carpet cleaning by vacuuming two times per week does not do away with all the hairs from pets, and these hairs get rooted or build up in the carpets.

The other way that pets can hurt your carpet is by urinating on the carpet. The act is unfortunate and unsophisticated, and most pets do it regularly. Urinating on the carpets leaves a strong awful smell and a huge stain. A small spot of urine forms a spot larger than a softball on the carpet padding beneath. One of the hardest things to combat when it comes to carpet cleaning is urine from pets. Cleaning up the accidents caused by pets does not entirely remove the odor or the urine.

Pets can also cause damage to the carpet when their nails are long. A pet usually scoots or runs around the carpet when it gets happy, which can rip the strands of the carpet material which can lead to its loosening, leaving bare, less fluffy or unkempt spots on the carpet.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

To protect your pets from hurting your carpet, you have to protect them from mishaps. However, there is no doubt that those people who own pets need professional carpet cleaning companies in specific instances. Pet owners should schedule for professional cleaning for carpets at some point to ensure they get rid of the characteristic odors, keep their carpets looking attractive, and prevents the bacteria that cause odor from deep soiling.

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Tips for Keeping Dirt Out of Your Carpet

 A woman cleaning a carpet

Carpet is one of the most popular floor coverings around. When carpet is installed in a home it adds value and provides comfort. But as you probably already know carpet can be really hard to keep clean. Dirt coming in from the outside can make a carpet look bad and can even damage its fibers. Keeping the dirt out is a major task, luckily we have come up with some tips to help you out!

Install A No-Shoes Policy

A great way to keep the dirt out of your home, and away from your beautiful carpet, is to enact a no-shoes policy. By having everyone take their shoes off at the door, you will be able to avoid most dirt. This policy should not only be followed by the family but also anyone paying a visit to your home.

Use A Welcome Mat

Welcome mats are a great way to greet your guests. They add style and flare to your home but they also help to keep the dirt out. Welcome mats are very affordable and should be used on both your front and back doors. Also, make sure to clean off your mats at least once a week.

Clean Your Pet's Feet

If you have a dog that likes to go out and play in the backyard, you may have a dirt problem. To avoid unwanted dirt, keep a towel by the door. When your pet decides to come back inside, use the towel to remove any dirt from his paws. This will make both you and your pooch happy campers.

Limit How Long You Leave Your Windows Open

Opening your windows on a nice day is a great way to air out your home. But keeping them open for longer periods of time may allow pollen and dirt to get in. During days of heavy pollen count, you should keep your windows closed. This will help you avoid allergens and keep your family healthy.

Change Your Air Filter Each Month

Heating and cooling systems make our homes comfortable all year long. But they have the tendency to move around dirt and dust. These allergens get trapped in your air filter and can build up over time. So make sure that you are changing them out at least once a month.

Empty Your Vacuum Outside

Vacuuming your carpets a few times a week is a great way to cut down on dirt. Once your vacuum gets full you will need to dump the container or replace the bag, depending on which type of vacuum you own. Instead of dumping it in your kitchen trash can, take it to your outside can. This will help you avoid spreading any of the contents in the air which can end up back in your carpet.
These simple tips will help you keep your carpet cleaning bill down and your home more enjoyable to live in. So make sure that you put some of them in place in order to keep pesky dirt from getting inside.



Ways to Clean Your Home after Water Damage

 water couch

Water in places that are unwanted especially our homes can cause severe damage. It can ruin all your precious possessions and overall house. It is essential to act quickly after water damage to minimize high chances of destruction and save your belongings. The level of rescue depends on how long the loss occurs. There may be furniture or carpet that can be avoided. Unfortunately, electronics, when hit by water, is already doomed. You should not treat flood water in an unwanted place lightly even if it has a small amount of water. Any moisture at your home will be a breeding place for mold and bacteria. The growth of mold has negative impacts on walls, flooring or carpet. It can also lead to inadequate ventilation of indoor air which in turn might lead to respiratory problems such as asthma. Apart from contacting the insurance company, here are the following ways in which you can reduce chances of water damage.

Turn off the power supply

Disconnect supply of power and switch off any electronics quickly. Remove all furniture, electronics, and other movable items before they are damaged. Sometimes water rises above the power outlet and can cause more damage. You can also remove the carpet, cleaned it and disinfect it. Underpadding maybe unlikely to be saved it absorbs lots of water and behaves like a sponge.

Get rid of water

There are many ways to remove water at your home. You can use power. However, if you do not have, you can use the manual method. Make use of buckets, rugs, and towels to mob away excess water. You can use your neighborhood sewage, but if it is not working, you can pour water into the drainage. Wear rubber boots in wet areas. After removing standing water, open windows and doors and use fans to blow away air. Wait for a specialist before turning on the HVAC if water also damaged the vents.

Cleaning and disinfect

After ensuring that standing water has been eradicated, do general cleaning. Use hot water to scrub all the surfaces using a powerful cleaner. Chlorine is the best solution to disinfect your home. Use a quarter of chlorine in one bucket of water. The solution will kill all germs. Avoid using bleaches in materials that might fade. To stay healthy ensure all the utensils, dishes and areas for preparing food are sanitized before you use them.
Additionally, disinfect places where kids like playing. During the cleaning process ensure that you do not mix various products. A mixture of these chemicals can cause severe damage to health because they are toxic.

Drying walls and ceilings

Water might have soaked in walls and ceilings. Plaster and panel ceilings can be saved but ensure that air circulates in the cavities to dry all sills and studs. There are three types of insulations that we usually use. Styrofoam might be lucky and can be easily be hosed off. Fiberglass batts should be cleaned and dried thoroughly, but if muddy it is wise to throw it away. Loose should be replaced because it can absorb water for some time this lost its abilities of fire and antifungal resistance.

Prevent the growth of mold

Remove bedding, carpet, furniture, clothes, and rugs outside and dry them as soon as possible. Utilize a dehumidifier or air conditioner to eliminate moisture. Open all doors and windows to allow maximum ventilation of air inside your home if there is minimal damage. You can make use of vans to provide circulation inside the house. Ceiling and vacuum floors should be washed with disinfectant to deter the growth of mold. Ensure that you wear a protective mask and other gears while working to protect you from breathing spores which might be harmful to your health.

Electronics might have been wrecked but to avoid assumption contact a professional for repair. Television, computers, and radios can still be repaired if there was less water damage. The entire home appliances such as a fridge should be cleaned and disinfected because they hold food. Do not forget to contact your insurance agent before cleaning. Ensure that you have the full records of damaged items such as videos or photos for the sake of insurance claims or disaster assistance.



Tips on Cleaning Your Home After a Wildfire

 wild fire

Wildfires can cause a lot of damage to your home even after it has escaped its raging flames. Smoke and ash can travel for long distances within no time unleashing destruction in unimaginable proportions.

California wildfires have for a long time been a thorn in the flesh of many homeowners owing to the high number of times the area experiences such disasters. As a result, professional house cleaning has become a necessity every time such incidences occur to help minimize risks. Experts use specialized equipment and skills to inspect, test, clean and restore your home to its pre-exposure condition.

The cleaning work can be categorized into two. Structural and content cleaning. When cleaning your house after a wildfire, the following tips are vital in ensuring a thorough job regardless of whether you are the one doing it or it is being done by a cleaning firm:

  1. Structural cleaning involves cleaning on ceilings, walls, exteriors, attics, cabinets, doors, odor control, windows, debris removal, and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) air filtration. Areas such as open windows, ventilation system, and attic can let in a lot of smoke and dust. Failure to thoroughly clean these areas can leave your home with smoke residue and odor.
    • hange air filters in air conditioning units to remove soot residue and ash since airborne particles trapped will mix with fresh air polluting the quality of air in your house after cleaning.
    • Dilute and flush the dried residue using firefighting foam residue mixed with a little detergent to wash it from the surface and then rinse using clean water. You can after that blow the surface using pressure washing to get rid of fine particles which might have been left during scrubbing.
    • Dilute ash and smoke around your home for it to be absorbed by the ground since it will continue emitting smoke odors and microparticles that mix with the air when they come in contact with the wind. You can use high-efficiency particulate air filters in your home to reduce the health impact of airborne particles from the smoke and ash.
  2. Content cleaning involves cleaning of fixtures and furniture, appliances, and carpet cleaning. Items in your house will also suffer from ash and smoke and require to be cleaned.
    • ash all clothing to remove dust particles that might have been left on the garment.
    • Disinfect and deodorize curtains carpets, mattresses, upholstery, and furniture using steam to restore their luster and get rid of the acrid smell of the smoke. You should avoid using odor masking sprays since they are only useful for a short time. Smoke and ash from wildfires can cause significant health and property damage. Seeking professional help when cleaning your home after a wildfire helps restore your property’s aesthetic appeal and make it conducive for living. Leaving professionals to clean your house after wildfires help you have peace of mind. Some of the damage is not visible through naked eyes but will get worse if left unattended when it happens. It saves you money and treasured memories in and outside your house.



Tips on Cleaning Shower Doors


 Walking into a bathroom that is fresh-smelling and extremely clean not only makes you comfortable as you do your business but stamps your confidence in the hygienic conditions of the entire house. Most people engage in house cleaning but overlook shower cleaning yet it is the other area that carries loads of germs, besides the kitchen. However, maintaining high standards of cleanliness can be overwhelming if you do not know the right ingredients to use. Besides, even though you clean your bathroom regularly, it is easy to forget about the shower doors where streaks of soap and scum can remain lodged for long. This article will inform you tips on cleaning shower doors to keep your bathroom free of stains and looking good.

1. Using furniture oil

It is difficult to clean soap scum off your shower doors so why wait for it to accumulate! They say it is better to prevent better than to cure so avoid scum from building up on your shower doors using furniture oil. Furniture oil acts as a barrier preventing scummy buildup so apply it on the door. However, you will need to clean the door first so that the oil can hold. After washing, apply a thin coat of oil and allow it to sit for about two minutes then polish off any excess with a clean, dry cloth. The oil will be a buffer against future scum.

2. Use vinegar and baking soda

If your bathroom has glass shower doors, then vinegar is the best bet as your cleaning solution. Vinegar is acidic, and it is this acidity that helps to clean the dirt thoroughly. Mixing baking soda or sodium bicarbonate with vinegar creates carbonic acid that immediately breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, making it safe.
Here is what you will need:

  1. Baking soda.
  2. Scotch Brite.
  3. Window scrubber (10 inches)
  4. Window Squeegee (12 inches)
  5. White vinegar.
  6. Paper towels.
  7. Spoon.
  8. Small container


  1. In a plastic bowl, pour half a cup of baking soda.
  2. Add enough white vinegar.
  3. Use a spoon to mix the vinegar and baking soda until it forms a paste-like consistency.
  4. You will observe fizzing and wait till it stops then scoop up a little of the paste using the Scotch Brite.
  5. Wipe the paste onto the shower glass door.
  6. Let the paste sit for about 10-15 minutes then thoroughly clean it using water and the window scrubber. Use the window squeegee and paper towels to dry the door and ensure that you have cleaned all the scum.

3. Using white vinegar

You can also use vinegar alone without baking soda to clean glass shower doors. You will need:

  1. Water and distilled white vinegar ( equal amounts)
  2. A spray bottle.
  3. Paper towels or black and white newspapers


  1. Use the vinegar and water to make a solution.
  2. Put it in the spray bottle and spray it on the shower door.
  3. Use the newspapers or paper towels to clean the grime off the glass.
  4. Buff the glass clean using clean per towels or a dry cloth.

What happens when the vinegar solution does not remove the stains?

If the stains are stubborn and the towels are not useful, you may use a soft brush. Further, you can cut a lemon in half, apply salt on one cut side of the lemon and in circular motions, use it to remove stubborn hard water marks. You can then use the vinegar solution as above and dry the glass using a clean, dry cloth.

How do you keep the scum off for good?

You do not have to keep scrubbing your doors. Instead, keep your shower doors easy to clean using Rain-X 2-in-1 rain repellent and glass cleaner. Once a week, you can spray it on your doors and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. It forms a protective film that prevents water from sticking to the door.

Final thoughts

The condition of your bathroom speaks volumes and let it communicate positively by keeping your shower doors spotless using these tips.


Hiring Professional Cleaners for Retail


Hiring Professional Cleaners for Retail

A busy retail establishment can have thousands of people moving in and out on a daily basis necessitating high levels of cleaning which might be overwhelming to you. Lack of thoroughness in cleaning can turn away customers, making you lose on revenue or make you incur litigation costs from suits. You require to hire professionals to help you accomplish the task professionally and efficiently. Professional cleaners can handle a range of your cleaning needs such as mopping, dusting, carpet cleaning, floor polishing, window cleaning, and other minor cleaning tasks arising from time to time. Hiring cleaning services for retail stores has the following benefits:

Cleaning Companies are Professionals

 Clothes on a rack in a retail store

Having your staff clean crucial parts of your retail establishment such as toilets and the carpeted area can result in substandard work since they lack the skills required to accomplish the task satisfactorily. Cleaning companies will conduct a thorough job in such sensitive areas capable of influencing a customer’s opinion about your store. The companies have the right tools and expertise to get the job done and instill confidence in your shoppers. You will have cleaning tasks done right without having to repeat. Cleaning companies do not just clean; they also offer you useful suggestions on how you can maintain the surfaces that require cleaning to ensure their quality does not deteriorate.

Risk Mitigation

Floor cleaning poses a danger to persons doing the job and others due to using off chemicals and wet floors on walkways. Cleaning companies’ staff are trained in safe working procedures to ensure the safety of other people in their working environment. Also, hiring cleaning services for your retail store transfers third-party liability form you to them. Cleaning companies are insured against risks that may occur in their workplaces which is a good thing to you when medical bills and compensation suits arise.

High Traffic Protection

Retail store premises have a lot of activities that can cause damage to the floors and walls such as pulling of loaded carts and dragging of heavy merchandise. The floor requires regular re-waxing and polishing to prevent discoloration on walkways. Do it yourself cleaning is incapable of maintaining your floor which will cost you more to repair and overhaul. Hiring the cleaning services ensures your floor is well taken care of thus saving on capital investment allocated to depreciation.


Cleaning companies have specialized equipment for commercial cleaning that will enable them to cover the vast area in a shorter time thus reducing business interruptions. Cleaning companies also possess expert knowledge about the various chemicals that are best suited to give you good results from their years of experience.

Cleaning Services

Time is money. Spending valuable time cleaning your retail outlet or engaging staff in cleaning makes you lose resources in the form of time, productivity, and revenues. Your staff becomes demotivated from having to perform a task they know little about and were neither hired to accomplish. Hire professionals to clean your store and support your staff to deliver on your business objective. An adequately cleaned working environment reduces the chance for your staff to contract respiratory diseases which increases absenteeism rate thus negatively impacting on productivity.