Whether you are moving in or out of a premise, there is a need to clean your carpet regularly. You can be one person that observes high level of cleanliness, but one thing that is for sure is that your carpet will always be at the end of this as it is subject to liquid spills, step on with dirty feet wear, and drops. Some of these might be accidents, but the point is your carpet will eventually get dirty and therefore the need to clean it after some time. This article however is set to give you a few tips on how you can successfully clean your carpet, especially at the time when you want to move in or out of your premise (see also TOP FLOOR CLEANING TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW).

There are various reasons as to why carpets get dirty. Depending on how they do, you will be able to make correct decisions and judgments on the best methods to use in cleaning your carpet.  Here are some of its causes and how to clean them:

Blot stains

With these types of stains, it is advisable that you should never scrub them as that will cause the stain’s particles to get deeper into the carpet’s fibers and may lead to them getting broken down prematurely. You should remove the stain by using a cleaning solution and a clean sheet or any other material that can soak up the stain for example a sponge. You should deep your cleaning sheet or sponge into a cleaning solution, then carefully apply a little pressure on the stain from the outside going inward as trying to disfigure the stain outward will make the stain to spread to other parts of the carpet.

Grease stains

With these types of stains, you are advised to use at least two drops of dish-washing shampoo. Preferably a shampoo with the ability to also grease cut, for example a cup of water with Joy. The same way it does your dishes, the washing shampoo will go through the grease stains and eventually cleaning up your carpet. You are supposed to put the solution in a spray bottle then spray the parts of the carpet that is affected by the stain. This might be done again and again depending on the size of the stain.

Beer and wine stains

The club soda process is the most effective when it comes to these types of stains if used in the right way. You should first try to remove the stain by blotting the affected part of the carpet using a cloth that has been dipped in the club soda. If the stain persists, try mixing vinegar with water and with the help of a hand sprayer, spray the stained area with the solution. You should then allow it to soak for about 15 minutes, then use a clean cloth, preferably a sponge to soak up the solution including the stain from the carpet. After successfully removing the stain, you should then use warm water to rinse the place that was affected by the stain. Use a clean piece of cloth, for example a towel to cover the spot so as it dries up. Usually this will take around 24 hours.

General stains

For general stains, you should try shaving creams. You should directly apply the cream on the affected areas of your carpet. You should then let it set for around half an hour. Once it is set, remove it using a clean towel. Using water and vinegar solution, spray the area affected and then wipe it using a clean towel.

Dried Gum

To remove a stuck chewing gum from your carpet, from your freezer, take a few ice cubes and use them to also freeze the gum for about a minute. Use a spatula to lift up the hard chewing gum and cut the fibers of the carpet closer to the gum so that the cut strands won’t be noticeable thereafter.


As I have discussed above, it is clear that carpet cleaning can be a very easy task. There are different things that can make your carpet and depending on them (see our residential carpet cleaning services), you will be able to make the right decisions on the best method to use so that minimal or no damage is caused to your carpet. Whether you are moving in or moving out is also another factor to be considered.