There are so many out there who love to make sure that their home stays clean and spotless. Whether it comes to an every year spring cleaning, or if it is just a usual Saturday afternoon and you are ready to jump in and clean house, there are many tips that can be beneficial for you before you begin the process. It is important to make sure and hit every single area of your home, to accomplish that sparkling clean you are desiring for your home to shine. If it helps you to make a detailed list on the different parts of the house that you are wanting to deep clean, it will benefit you in keeping you on track when cleaning and not to forget to clean something as well. Falling these tips will help you to achieve the clean that you are looking for.


When you are beginning with the windows, it is important that you focus on the outside of your windows first. One of the best feelings, is when you clean your windows so good, that when the sun warms up in the middle of the day the sunshine will just pour in so beautifully. To achieve this type of clean windows, you can not just clean one side of the glass, you will need to clean the outside and the inside of the windows. Whenever you come across a very sunny and clear day, step outside and wash all of your windows, and make sure that you use the best window cleaning product on the market, so that you will be able to achieve that squeaky clean look on your glass. Once you have finished cleaning all of the outside of the windows, then you can focus on the inside of them, and making sure that you get them completely clean.


Another good place to focus hard on when cleaning is in your kitchen. Try to focus on a lot of the hard to reach places first, and make sure that they are cleaned properly. Making a check list will help the process go smoothly. You can write down places such as under the fridge, the inside of the dishwasher, baseboard and window moldings, the top of the oven hood, underneath your counter top appliances, and try not to forget to clean light fixtures as well. Since the kitchen has so many different surfaces to clean, the process can become a bit time-consuming and overwhelming. To save time and money, it would help if you bought one type of surface cleaner to clean every surface in your kitchen, so this way you will not be jumping back and forth between cleaners. While you are focusing on the kitchen, make sure to go through your pantry and your fridge and get rid of all of the perishable, or out-of-date items that you will no longer be needing. This way you can do a good scrub down of your pantry shelves and your fridge shelves.


There are several corners, as well as crevices, that can be found inside of your bathroom for all kinds of dust and dirt to become trapped in. Before you decide to do any type of cleaning, it would be beneficial for you to vacuum first. This will eliminate some of the dirt and dust particles, and this will make it easier to get into those deep corners to clean out the rest. Using your corner and crevice attachment from your vacuum will allow for even more dirt to be picked up, which means less scrubbing or wiping for you. Then you can purchase a bathroom cleaner, and particularly one that has a fresh scent, so when you have finished scrubbing the bathroom down, you will be left with a sparkling and wonderful scent from your bathroom.


When it is time to start focusing on cleaning your bedroom, try to clear out all of the drawers first. Take out everything from your dresser and nightstand, and if you realize that some of the things in them have not been used by you at least for a year, then try to donate some of those things. If there are things that you do use or wear but need to be fixed, start a pile of clothes that need to be fixed or mended. Then, you can even make a pile of clothes that have stains on them, so you can dedicate some time in getting those stains out. For an easier way to find your clothing, when you have finished with all of the separating, put your clothes back inside of the drawers in categories. Use a drawer for your shirts, socks, pants, etc. This will make finding your clothes much easier and hassle free. Before putting your clothes back in, it would be beneficial to wipe out the inside of the drawers for any dust build up. Then you can focus on dusting and wiping down all of the wood and surfaces that are inside of your room. After you have accomplished all of these tasks, simply vacuum your bedroom floor, so this way the entire bedroom looks completely brand new.

Dining And Living Rooms

When you begin cleaning in the living room, make sure to focus on clearing out all of the clutter. If you like to keep magazines in your living room, go through the ones you have and throw out those that you do not read. Keep just a hand full of magazines or things to read on your coffee table. Make sure that all of them are straightened and neatly placed as well. Disinfecting your living or dining areas is also important. There are many individuals who think that just the kitchen and bathroom need to be disinfected, however, this is not the case. Any area of your home that receives a lot of traffic is a place that germs will be found more frequently. Spraying a disinfectant in the are, using a disinfectant cleaner for all of the surfaces such as phones, door knobs, and tables, will help to fight off odor-causing bacteria and many other types of bacteria as well. This will lead to a very healthy invironment for you to reside within. Focusing on the dining area of your home, if you own a set of china that you have displayed in a cabinet, turn your attention to each dish and dust them individually. Even if you do not use those dishes every day and they are just sitting in the cabinet, it is important to clean them because dust can and will still settle on them inside of the cabinet. Make sure to hit every area of your dining room as well. When you eat off of the table and sit in the chairs, particles of food can end up on the table and dirt and dust particles can end up on the chair. These areas are just as important to keep clean as any other room in your home.


It is important to try and not forget to make sure and tidy up, empy out, and clean up your basement as well. The basement is where many individuals keep most of the things that they are storing. However, many of these items are really just a lot of junk that many people just prefer not to deal with. When you begin doing your cleaning of the basement, make sure and go through every single box and throw away anything that is not worth keeping. This will eliminate so many things taking up space. Once you have everything sorted through and thrown out, then try to focus on the walls and floors. Many basements develop musty odors, dingy floors and walls, and sometimes mold or mildew buildups. Therefore, use a deep cleaning cleaner to scrub the floors and the walls to get rid of all of the mildew. Sweep and mop the floor because germs are known to buildup on floors in any part of the house, and especially in the basement. Then it would be beneficial if you spray a scented odor-eating anti-bacteria spray to give your basement a clean and fresh scent to it.


In conclusion, whenever you are getting ready to start a major cleaning project for your home, always keep these specific tips in mind. They will help you to clean out the bacteria, bring a cleaner smell to your home, get rid of all of the dust and dirt particles that build up, and making your home safe for you to live in. Cleaning is important no matter where you are, there are so many bacteria and dirt out there that can cause health issues and viruses to invade your body system, therefore, keeping your home clean is the safest thing to do, so that you may live a happy, healthy, and clean lifestyle. 

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