Have you got kids and pets running through the yard and when they get into the house they leave trails of dirty paws and feet around your hardwood floors? No need to worry no more about cleaning and spending long hours scrubbing floors trying to clean off the stains.

Your floors need a quality cleaner that will do the work, and give it a spectacular finish. Bona floor cleaner is what you’ve been looking for. Made with environment friendly ingredients that are non-toxic, it is the best cleaner to take good care of your floors. Bona floor cleaner has some great features which are worth spending your dimes on purchasing it. This includes:

Excellent stain remover

It’s not easy to keep floors clean and spotless 24/7 especially with kids and pets running around and pouring food. We also can’t control ourselves from pouring drinks or food on the floors and food as well. In short, dirt is everywhere and very hard to keep it on a leash to keep the floors clean. However, no need to worry and stress over dirty stained hardwood floors anymore as the floor cleaner savior is readily available. Bona floor cleaner will get rid of stains and spots on floors with a lot of ease and spend less time scrubbing the floors with a brush. As long as you have a damp cloth and the cleaner in place, you’re good to go and in a few, your floors and hardwood surfaces will be sparkling clean as if new.

Environmental friendly

Most cleaning products will turn you off not because they’re not great at cleaning but simply because their ingredients, one or two are toxic and harmful to your health. Bona cleaner on the other hand is manufactured with only environmental friendly non-toxic materials which makes it safe for use around kids and pests and your entire family. In addition, it does not exhume fumes which makes it even more appropriate for household cleaning all around your floors from the kitchen, to the sitting, in the bedroom and all over your floors.


Despite being environment friendly, it has no bad smell, nonetheless, it has no smell at all. Unlike most floor cleaners that leave your house tainted with a characteristic floor clean smell, bona cleaner does not have that effect. It is odorless thus no need to use an air freshener to cover the smell left behind or keep your windows open to allow fresh air in and the cleaner smell out. Due to its odorless characteristic, Bona floor cleaner is suitable for use inside the house and it won’t affect the air inside at all. On the contrary, the air will remain fresh and clean all throughout.

Shiny smooth touch

Many are the times dirt coagulates together giving your floors a dull unpleasant sight. However with Bona floor cleaner, all this will be off in no time giving your hardwood floors their natural bright color and in addition a shiny brand new look with a smooth touch. Bona cleaner leaves your floors feeling refreshed and conditioned giving them a new look and touch. It is not hard to note that on cleaning your hardwood floors with Bona cleaner, the floors will appear shinier, brighter with a smoother look than before. It cleans off all the dirt on the floors giving them that new flair look that is worth bragging about as it doesn’t leave behind any gross residues that are hard to get rid of.

It is hard to find all good qualities of a hardwood floor cleaner in most cleaning products as you may desire however, bona floor cleaner will meet your needs and give you nothing but the best. It is a great stain remover, that is odorless and leaves your floors clean and shiny, looking all new and to make things better, it does not pose any health threats as it is made with non-toxic environment friendly substances, what more could you be looking for in a hardwood floor cleaner? Bona offers you quality cleaning services which last for a long time for minimal use and in less time. Its results are simply amazing and worth the shot to try it on your floors for a sparkling fresh look. 

Our review of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, including its many benefits that we use in our business.
Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill (160 oz.)
Date published: 08/01/2016