Let’s face it, vacuuming is an important key to keeping your home clean and it’s no surprise that you should have a quality vacuum cleaner in your cleaning closet. A vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier as it sucks up debris and dirt and can as well remove pet hair, allergens, and more from your living space.

Whether you have plush carpeting or hard floors, a vacuum cleaner is what you need to keep your home tidy. According to research, vacuum cleaners use a cleaning head with a brush and a motor to generate power that sucks up debris into the nozzle which eventually travels to the dust collection bin or bag for later disposal. Some vacuums have specialized onboard filtration systems to entrap minute particles and prevent them from being released to the air via the vacuum’s exhaust.

Vacuum cleaners are available in all sizes and shapes with different features and use. With that in mind, choosing the best one for your home can be intimidating, but getting your hands on the right one can make a difference in your cleaning chores. Before spending your hard-earned money on a vacuum, here are three things you should know.

1. There’s a different type of vacuum for every need

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There are different models and types of vacuums and that’s what makes shopping for the right one confusing. If your friend tells you that they bought the best vacuum for carpet cleaning, that doesn’t mean you can buy the same model for a different purpose. The truth is that vacuums are different for every need and you should ask yourself why you need one before purchase.

If you are not sure which type will suit your needs, focus on the features you’re looking for and surely, you’ll get your hands on the right one. If for instance you want a device that’s portable and can clean small spaced areas, a handheld vacuum will be perfect for you. If you want a vacuum you can excellently clean your house without the need to plug and unplug, a cordless model will suit you. The following are some of the most common categories of vacuum cleaner models to put into consideration;

  • Upright – In this device, suction head and motor are contained in one unit and hence perfect for large houses and carpet cleaning

  • Handheld – They can be corded or cordless. Interestingly, they are handy and can be used for quick bare floors and carpet cleaning. Also, some of the handheld vacuums can clean the interior of your car, while others can deal with pet hair on your furniture

  • Canister – With their suction head and motor separated, these vacuums are perfect for cleaning stairs, bare floors and under furniture. Besides, their attachments are ideal for cleaning upholstery and drapes

  • Robotic – They have a programmable device and can do all the cleaning as you relax. The newest models can be controlled on your Smartphone using an app

2. The best time to buy

Most people think that they can purchase a vacuum any time of the year. Well, even though that’s true, there’s the best time to make the purchase without straining the wallet. After discovering the vacuum that will meet your household needs, plan to shop during the spring cleaning sale season in April or May. Someone could ask the reason to buy during this season and because you’re reading this article, we’ll tell you. According to research, every year, April or May provides amazing discounts on vacuums and you can find yourself buying a high-quality vacuum at half price. This will ensure that you get your desired home cleaning assistant without breaking your bank.

3. There are many product specs you should read

Different types of vacuum cleaners come with different specifications and you should read them before committing to buying one. It goes without saying that you’d want a device with features that don’t compromise your expectations and to avoid disappointments, take your few minutes to read through the specs of your desired vacuum. If you don’t know where to start from, relax as there are few components to consider;

  • Weight – Determine how heavy you want your vacuum to be depending on your household needs

  • Cord length – If you prefer a corded model, make sure the cord is long enough to clean the entire room without the need to unplug

  • Battery – If you desire a cordless model, ensure you get the right information on how long it will keep operating on a single charge

  • Bag – Vacuum replacement bags can be expensive and if you don’t wish to purchase them from time to time, it would be wise to go for a bagless vacuum variety

The Bottom line

Modern vacuums come in a variety of sleek shapes, designs, and cool colors. While some people will go for shapes and other designs, it's worth investing in a vacuum that will do a good job as you’d want. Keep in mind that features may be appealing but you should spend your money on a device that fits your cleaning needs.

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