While a quick tidy-up can suffice for many other rooms in your home, bathrooms require real cleaning to keep them fresh and more importantly, germ-free.  Even professional cleaners tend to dread the bathroom jobs, which are often neglected for far too long, leading to harder and dirtier cleanups.  To avoid this you can choose to do a few short cleanup tasks every day to leave your room sparkling and beautiful each day with no yucky bathroom tasks to look forward to on the weekend. Consistent and thorough cleaning is the key to happy and sanitary bathrooms. We’ll give you the tools to keep them clean on a daily basis leaving your weekends free for fun.  The key is to clean as you go, adding a few simple routines into your day.  If you mix the work up with your usual preparations you’ll find it doesn’t feel tiresome or overwhelming. This list might look long but the small steps included will soon become second nature and they’ll only take a few seconds to a minute per item.  Forming habits takes a little work but the payoff is definitely worth it!

  • Fan

    • Run your bathroom fan from the minute you step into your bathroom each morning until you finish your shower and walk out.  Keeping excess moisture out of the bathroom is essential to keep away mold and mildew.

  • Clothing

    • Put dirty clothes straight into your hamper when you change.  Make sure you keep your hamper in an easily accessible place close to where you change to make this job even simpler.

  • Shower

    • Keep a wall-mounted squeegee and a daily shower spray in your bathing area.  When you finish with your shower, take a moment to squeegee the walls and the door, if you have one.  Then step out of the shower and quickly spray down all the hard surfaces with the cleaner.  Leave the cleaner to dry on the surface and keep scum and germs to a minimum.   Your bathroom will smell good too!  

  • Sink

    • Clear your surfaces off after you prep for your day.  Make sure your cabinets have a space for your hair dryer, mouth wash, makeup brushes, etc so that after you prepare you can simply slip everything back into its hidden place.  A clear surface is half the battle for cleanliness.

    • When you have time, but not every day, wipe down the counter and sink with a disposal disinfectant wipe.  Keep them under your sink for easy access.

  • Mirror

    • Keep a microfiber cloth under the sink. Dampen it slightly and wipe down the mirror, especially the area closest to the spray of the sink.  Since the mirror is often the first item to catch your eye as you enter the bathroom, keeping it clean will greatly enhance the look of your room.

  • Straighten

    • Hang towels on their hooks.  (Make sure you have a towel hook for each family member that uses the bathroom so things stay in their place.) Hang the rug over the bathtub if it needs some air drying.  Pull the shower curtain closed.  

  • Toilet

    • If and when it needs it, use a disinfectant wipe to quickly swipe the toilet seat and other exterior surfaces.  Leave the toilet bowl cleaning for a once a week deeper clean that will only take an extra ten minutes.

  • Trash

    • Since none of us has time to empty the trash daily.  Cheat (like we do at home) by leaving your trash in the under sink cabinet where the piled up floss and old tissues won’t clutter the aesthetic of your room.

You now have a bathroom that’s clean on a daily basis!  And with the toughest room in the house under control, you’re well on your way to a clean home!