Our houses seem to supernaturally clean themselves more quickly when we have surprise guests on the way, don’t they?  But what if you could tame that time savings for normal cleaning days?  After all, cleaning faster isn’t just for emergencies. Well, through trial and error, we’ve found some simple techniques allow us to clean homes in half the time people usually spend. Want to know our best tips and tricks for fast cleaning?  Read on!

  • Follow a system. When in a hurry, people tend to rush around blindly, trying desperately to attack the worst of the mess before time runs out.  We’ve found the opposite approach is essential: have a defined plan.  Using a system to attack the mess will let you move through it much more quickly and easily and without missing essential areas that need cleaning.  Once you’ve determined your system, follow it consistently from room to room and each time you clean.  Routine is the most important cleaning method you can use, according to cleaning expert Debbie Sardone.  She suggests that part of your routine should include starting and finishing in the same area of each room, each time.  This leaves nothing to decide, nothing to guess at, just a method to follow.  And like with any method repeated routinely, you’ll get faster and faster as you build muscle memory and technique.  

  • Clean in order. Remember to work from the top of your room to the bottom.  This prevents re-work by slowly moving dust and dirt off higher surfaces and towards lower surfaces where they will eventually be removed altogether.  Many people don’t know there is also a value to cleaning from left to right in each room.  Our eyes naturally tend to dart around looking for the next task.  If we look methodically we waste less time deciding what to start with or looking for what we’ve missed.  And we’re more likely to include everything that needs cleaning if we follow this simple routine.

  • Simplify your cleaners. Why use special degreaser for your kitchen surfaces when you can use hot water cut with vinegar or dish detergent?  Similarly, there’s no need to use furniture polish or spray.  Instead clean top to bottom and use a feather or microfiber duster.  If you’ve got a small bottle of vinegar, a small bottle of dish soap, and baking soda, you’ve got almost everything you need. Lemon juice can also help in a pinch with some of the hardest stains, especially those on grout or concrete surfaces.

  • Now that you’ve got simple tools; keep them close. Don’t waste time walking back and forth for supplies.  Instead, use a bucket or caddy to keep all the tools you use right at hand. Fill this caddy carefully and make sure it works for the cleaning you do.  Then carry it with you as move methodically from room to room.

  • Add a few specialty tools.  While we are deep believers in simplicity, there are some extras that will save you time and a lot of work.  One is a squeegee which is essential for creating streak-free windows will also help to keep bathrooms mold free. Another is a package of Magic Erasers which will save so much scrubbing and frustration.  We especially like to use them in bathrooms and on floors, walls, and cabinets.

  • Vacuum methodically through your spaces. Many experts recommend vacuuming carpets in straight rows walking straight down and then backing up and starting the next row.  This creates the beautiful pattern that makes a room feel clean.  It also has the advantage of keeping the cord out of your way and making sure you don’t miss a single space.

  • Our last tip is really what you should begin with - music!  Keep a dance playlist or your favorite high energy album on reserve for cleaning times.  Then pump that sound up!  Using music to clean to is probably the single best tip for working faster and even better, having a little fun.  Now get to work!