Carpets are of great value and comfort to our homes. It can be an important part of our home décor and a major investment. When you take care of your carpet, you can improve the value of your home significantly and brings warmth and comfort to your living area. The most important aspects of carpet care are proper cleaning. A well-cleaned carpet will last longer and give you much more pleasure than a dirty one. When you maintain the cleanness of your carpet, you are likely to maintain it in its original color, texture, and appearance because it will look good, smell good, with the whole house taking on a much more nice ambiance.

Keeping your carpet clean is essential for every home. Here are eight carpet cleaning tips that you need to consider.

1. Vacuum regularly

When you use a vacuum to clean up your carpet frequently, you will pick up dirt particles before they get embedded in the carpet fiber. This is a good preventive mechanism that will ensure your cleaning process is done smoothly without having to struggle with dust particles that stack on the fibers of your carpet. It will further reduce the potential health risk it is posed with pollen, dust, and dander. The only vacuum in parallel lines will not pick all the dirt; vacuuming should be so that the vacuum is moved to overlap the crosshatch patterns. You can sprinkle baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to remove odor.

2. Steam clean regularly

When you do steam cleaning, it loosens dirt from your Carpet thus making the cleaning process to be easier because it gets deeper into the carpet fibers. The powerful machines are also in a position to remove any extra moisture from your carpet efficiently than the normal surface towel drying.

3. Use mild cleaners first

When you use mild cleaners to clean your carpet, it preserves the texture and color of the carpet than using strong and caustic cleaners. This includes shaving cream, lemon juice and salt, alcohol, dish detergent, household ammonia, vinegar and plain warm water that are applied directly to a stain.

4. Special cleaners for difficult stains

Stains such as blood, wine, grease, wax or chewing gum need special cleaners. They are challenging to remove but once when you use special cleaners such as ice cubes on chewing gum, WD 40 on grease and oil stains, club soda on red wine it becomes easier to remove such stains.

5. Use floor mats

You should strategically place your floor mat at the entrance to reduce the high traffic lanes of dirt from spreading to the dirt rest of your house.

6. Deal with stains straight away

When you allow stains to stay longer on your carpet the more you are making it difficult to remove it. Stains should be removed immediately to prevent them from setting in and spreading to other parts. Any stain or spill should be a seat with as soon as they happen. Mopping your carpet, don’t scrub as it makes the stains to get deeper. Use a dull knife when you are removing solid dirt like food or mud.

You should not use a home appliance like blow driers or irons to dry your carpet as they damage the carpet fibers and color due to the high amount of heat.

7. Remove shoes

You will find out that more than 80% of grime and dirt on a carpet are carried from outside. Learn to remove your shoes before stepping on your carpet as this will keep your carpet clean for a very long period without being cleaned. When you wear shoes in the house, it increases the mess and dirt on your lovely carpet and wears down the carpet faster due to the harder tread than that of slippers.

8. Hire professional cleaners

You should try your best to take your carpet to professional cleaners at least once a year. They have the specialized equipment and experts who will make sure your carpet is cleaned in the best possible way then you can imagine. They use the right tools and Eco-friendly chemicals to do the cleaning process.

These are the best carpet cleaning tips that everyone homeowner needs to follow.