Do you struggle with cobwebs? If so you are not alone. Many homeowners battle with cobwebs which make house cleaning very difficult. Spiders are in every home and dealing with their cobwebs is a necessary evil. So today we are going learn some better ways of dealing with cobwebs so that your home can stay clean.

  1. Use your vacuum: If you simply hate touching cobwebs a great way to rid your home of them is with your vacuum. Many vacuums come with a long extension that is perfect for sucking up those pesky cobwebs. Just remember to clean out your vacuum after you are done.
  2. Keep up with them: Instead of cleaning the cobwebs once a month like is normally recommended, why not do it once a week? During your weekly house cleaning try to remember to knock down those cobwebs that are just starting to form. This will discourage spiders from hanging out in your home which will help keep your home cleaner longer.
  3.  Don’t forget the outside: Not only do spiders build webs inside of your home but the outside as well. Normally spiders build their webs under porches and other overhanging areas of the home. This is the perfect place for them to catch bugs but it also can make your home look like Halloween all year long. So when cleaning cobwebs inside make sure to do so outside as well.
  4. Hire someone else to do it for you: Are you simply terrified of spiders? If you are then why not hire someone to come into your home and clean them for you? A house cleaning service will gladly handle this dirty job for you and also clean the entire inside of your home at the same time!
  5. Spray some peppermint oil in the corners of your home: Spiders other insects simply hates the smell and taste of peppermint. So after you are finished cleaning spray some peppermint oil around the corners of your home. This will ward off spiders and they will build their webs somewhere else and away from your home.
  6. Have your home professionally sprayed: Another way to keep spiders at bay is by having a professional pest control company come in and treat your home for bugs. This will get rid of any bugs that might be in your home and the spiders will move to another location to find food.
  7. Sweep the cobwebs away: This is a simple tip that will help you quickly get rid of cobwebs. With your broom simply sweep away the webs and your home will be spider free.
  8. Spray them down with a water hose: If you have spider webs hanging on the outside of your home a great way to clean them is with a water hose. This will also help remove any dirt that may have built up on the outside of your home.

Now that you know several different ways to clean cobwebs, its time get to work. Spiders can be our friends but only if they stay outside and away from our homes. So what are you waiting for start cleaning today!