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Let’s face it. We all have those small but bad habits which make it harder for us to maintain a clean home. It is usually very hard to recognize the damage we impose on ourselves because we have come to accept our bad habits as the standard practice.
The problem is the continued practice of these bad habits will probably send you and your family to the hospital.
Want to break these bad habits?
Here are the top 6 bad habits that make your home dirty.

Leaving dirty socks and clothes on your bedroom floor

A hard day at work leaves one feeling drained not only emotionally but strength-wise. That is why a vast majority of family members end up dropping dirty socks and clothes on the floor. As the week progresses, more socks and dirty clothes will litter the floor and by the time house cleaning and laundry day comes, it will be hard to find a complete pair of socks.
To kick this habit away, simply buy one of those large wicker baskets and position one in each bedroom. This should now be the new home for dirty clothes. During laundry day, everyone can simply take their basket to the laundry room and empty it.

Dropping wet towels on the bathroom floor

This is another bad habit that many people practice without knowing it. Leaving a wet towel on the bathroom floor will promote the growth of mildew. In addition, the wet towels will start to have a musty smell especially if you leave them wet for a long time.
To kick this habit, simply install a bathroom towel holder or hook. Once you have taken a bath and dried yourself, hang the towel on the hook or holder. You can take a step further by printing stylish or funny messages on the bathroom door or beside the towel hook or holder like “Keep Calm and Hang Your Towel.”

Having a cluttered kitchen

Let’s face it. No one likes to do the dishes but we have to do it to keep pests and vermin away. It is quite common to find family members dumping dishes in the kitchen sink immediately after meals. This is usually followed by dirty pots.
Apart from this, there is the bad habit of not storing clean dishes which means they will be left on the kitchen counter or sink. To avoid having a cluttered kitchen, store your utensils and cooking appliances in cabinets, pantries or drawers. This will leave your kitchen looking organized.

Having a messy living room

It is quite easy to turn your living room into a pigsty what with all the magazines, books, blankets, dirty coffee mugs and empty wine bottles. Just like its very easy to turn your living room into a pigsty, it’s also very easy to ensure it remains clean and tidy.
Start by organizing the magazines and books. Fold the blanket and take it to your bedroom. Take the dirty mugs and empty wine bottles to the kitchen. Finally, arrange the cushions.

Not placing items back where they belong

We all remove items from their proper storage and not return them. It can be a magazine, a book, pen, notebook, toys, clothes, a pair of shoes or even cereal boxes. Leaving items all over the room will lead to your home looking untidy. The magazines will be littered all over the living room table while the toys will be left on the floor. This habit will extend to your clothes and pair of shoes in your bedroom.
To avoid this, create a policy where all family members return items where they belong to after using them.

Having a cluttered entryway

Just like your kitchen or bedroom, it is quite common to find the entryway littered with dirty shoes and a bunch of coats. If left as is, the entryway will be dirty. Before you know it, your pets will troop from the outdoors and proceed to carry dirt into the rest of the home.
To avoid this, add a hook or two for coats, hats, scarves and a shoe rack for shoes. Don’t forget to add a welcoming mat at the door.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Top 6 bad habits that you probably did not know about. Now that you are aware of the above bad habits, its best to avoid them. If you have a family, make a point of identifying any bad habits that leave your home cluttered and dirty. Develop house cleaning policies that will help to keep your home clean, de-cluttered and organized.