Cleaning baseboards is not a desirable or glamorous task, but it certainly makes a big difference in making the room look clean and dust-free. You can clean the baseboards yourself or hire professional carpet cleaners like us, who provide this service as an additional service when booking a meeting with us.

Spend hours cleaning the floor, cleaning furniture and cleaning your home's vacuum cleaners, but while your padding boards are dirty, they create a general impression of neglect and scuffling.

If you do it yourself, you'll need several tools. A vacuum cleaner with nozzle or box, sponge, saucer, vinegar or wood cleaner, several cotton swabs, and several drying sheets.

It is easier to cleaning baseboards thoroughly in the same room when cleaning the room in the spring, instead of disassembling all the baseboards in your home at one time. Thus, the task of cleaning the rules does not become excessive. Paving boards also accumulate dust and dirt caused by homework. So keep the plates as the last piece to clean them when you have finished the entire room.

Start cleaning by removing as much dirt and dirt from the area as possible by using a soft brush. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a brush head, use it to absorb the dirt along the entire length of the baseboards, paying particular attention to the cut where the finish is aligned with the floor. Also, you can also use a cloth to remove the trash, then wipe it with a vacuum cleaner and a washbasin.

Once all the dirt and dust has been removed, smear and dirty, especially in places like kitchens. Dip a sponge in a mixture of warm water and a dish or vinegar soap and clean all the effects you may see lightly. If the main baseboards in the room you are cleaning are not stained or coated, use a cleaning solution specifically for this application.

Be careful - if you decide to walk along the road, use cotton swabs covered with a cleaning agent to reach the narrow cracks and hard-to-reach places, such as the openings between the edge and the floor.

Finally, protect the newly cleaned sheets by wiping them with a new layer of a hair dryer. This will give a fresh scent of linen, and the static properties of the plates will stop the dust.

Remove dust from the top edge of all electrical outlets, which may also collect a lot of dust.

You can wash the floor, which is completely tiled with the base plates, by carefully monitoring the water and detergent. You should use a cleaning cloth when applying cleaning products to the edge of the tiles, where they meet with the baseboards. It is essential to use only a small amount of cleaning solution, and you should use paper towels or a cotton towel to clear the excess water solution and clean before you fall under the plates. To be very careful in this case, you will need more time to clean the tile floor, but this will not allow you to spoil the baseboards while cleaning tiles and mortar.

If you want to avoid this arduous task, contact the professional carpet cleaner. They have the tools and equipment to complete cleaning baseboards as soon as possible. They will take care of this hard work for you.

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