Just like most people, you undertake vacuum cleaning of your home hoping to create a healthier and clean living space for everyone that has access to your home.

You base the whole idea of vacuuming on the need to eliminate any dirt or loose allergy irritants that may be residing on or even under the surface. To achieve this goal, you need the support of a vacuum cleaner well equipped to do just that.

A HEPA Vacuum

However, the problem with traditional vacuum cleaners is that they cannot suck all the particles that the carpet has. Even worse still, these vacuum cleaners scatter the smallest of the particles into the air, thus allowing them to pollute the air, thus triggering air-related medical conditions such as asthma, and dust allergies.

Also, the particles scattered into the air will get back to the surface at a later time. Therefore, to securely get rid of all the particles on the carpet or any other surface during vacuum cleaning, you need to use a vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filters. Here are a few benefits of carpet cleaning using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.

Improves your indoor air quality

When you regularly use your HEPA vacuum cleaners, maybe once or more times a week, your indoor air quality will significantly improve. The HEPA filter traps impurities and contaminants released from the carpet during vacuum cleaning, thus barring them from getting back into the homes’ normal air circulation.

Protects family members against asthma and allergies

Allergies and asthma are some of the common conditions you or your loved one will suffer if they come into contact with pollutants or triggers. However, when you use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, it will trap all these allergens, pollutants and all other small particles residing on the surface you’re cleaning, making the air in your home safe for allergy or asthma-prone individuals.

Gives you peace of mind

There’s no one greater asset you require more than the peace of mind. Therefore, when using a HEPA filter-fitted vacuum cleaner, you get the assurance that your residence is clean and safe, giving you the much-needed peace of mind to concentrate on other matters.

They help in Battling Mold Spores and Bacteria

Sometimes you may find it challenging removing mold spores and bacteria from your home. Maybe you traveled upcountry leaving bread on your carpet (see our services in Auburn). In other instances, you may discover your pet’s pee or poop on your carpet that has gone unattended for days. On cleaning the carpet, however, you have to be careful not to contaminate the air with mold spores. It’s at this point that the HEPA-fitted vacuum cleaner will come in and help you out. You can also use this equipment to clean areas like the kitchen or even the bathroom that are likely to contaminate the air with the bacteria.

Most people continue to suffer asthma attacks or allergies as a result of the accumulation of dust in the house. Some of them even complain that after vacuuming their carpets and other surfaces, this problem never goes away. However, with HEPA-fitted vacuum cleaners, it’s possible to kick out such issues for good. This equipment sucks Pollens, mold spores, pet fur, pet dander, sand, dust mites, dust and any other small particle that can contaminate air when disturbed, most of which are the major causes of allergies to people.

Therefore, by using HEPA filter-fitted vacuum, you’ll significantly reduce instances of allergies, asthma attacks, mold spores and bacteria spread, besides enjoying quality air at home.