A living room with carpeting

How long your carpet will last and appeal depends on the care it will receive. Cleaning and maintain your carpet will keep it looking great, help improve the indoor air quality and keep your carpet warranties intact.

A dirty carpet is likely to wear out more quickly, and you will be obliged to cover the expenses of a premature carpet replacement. Besides, when you keep a dirty carpet in your office, it will negatively affect your business environment by sending the wrong message to your valued customers and guest. Carpets trap micropollutants including bacteria allergens, and dust mites, which may impede the ability of your company to sustain a healthy workplace environment. Here are five carpet care tips that are essential for proper maintenance of your carpet.

Vacuum cleaning

Effective vacuum cleaning is an integral part of proper carpet maintenance. A carpet needs to be vacuumed once every week and more often if you have heavy traffic. Vacuuming frequently will prolong the lifespan of your carpet by preventing a massive buildup of gritty particles, which cut carpet fibers. When vacuuming you need to pay close attention to the areas where your visitors sit and place their feet. Vacuum these areas using a crisscross pattern and overlapping strokes to better trap the dirt particles. You can use baking soda to help fight odors. Besides, if you have new carpets or newly cleaned carpets, you can apply a soil retardant with professional equipment using the recommended application techniques.

Regular spot removal

The most common stains (water-based) can be easily removed using a clean cotton cloth or a plain absorbent paper and lukewarm water. For oil-based stains, you need to treat them with the appropriate carpet-cleaning agent. Ideally, it’s recommended to remove the stain as soon as possible by following the directions on the container, but first, test it on a concealed part to avoid damaging your carpet.

If the stain is not entirely removed, you can repeat the treatments after drying until the stain is gone (avoiding excessive rubbing). Typically, the secret to successful stain removal is to react as quickly as the spill occurs. Here are additional tips to help preserve your carpet and minimize the need for premature replacement:

  • Remove ink with water and follow it up with a solvent spot remover.

  • Remove coffee using warm, mild detergent solution and a solvent spot remover.

  • Use a sponge or a piece of cloth to apply solvents or solutions.

  • Treat spots by working from the outside and move towards the middle.

  • Rinse the spot thoroughly after using a water-based solvent.

Thorough Cleaning Calls For The Pros

Have you been busy with your life that you thought there isn’t enough time to get everything done? When life gets this crazy busy the last thing you can focus on is cleaning your carpets. A busy week turn into a busy month and after it all, you may be looking at your carpets in despair wondering, “how on earth did my carpet become this dirty and stained?” Well, when dirt and stains are building up faster than you can vacuum and clean them, calling for professional help is essential. Having your carpet cleaned and maintained by a professional regularly, 3-4 times a year, can go a long way in keeping your carpets fresh, clean, and durable.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions

Carpets are quite delicate and need to be treated like other textile product. The best way to do this is to learn from their makers. Be sure to read the maintenance and care instructions provided by your manufacturer because different styles, fibers, and finishes have their unique guidelines. Following the directions not only keep your carpet beautiful, durable, and inviting for many years to come but it will also be a source of pride and comfort for you and your guests.

Avoid Heavy Weight And Sunlight

Placing heavy furniture on your carpet can ruin it. Furniture crushes or compresses the carpet pile leaving noticeable indentations that are not discovered until you move them. So rearrange your furniture from time to time to avoid the damage. Also, any carpet that is near patio doors or windows is often subjected to harmful sun rays, which deteriorate the carpet’s appearance and the ability to withstand wear. To avert the problem, you can use window treatments that offer protection against sunlight.

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. If left dirty, your carpet will lose its original beauty and luster thus creating a lesser appeal than they should.