When it comes to carpet cleaning, different people will give you varying advice. Many people get confused about cleaning carpets because there are several mat cleaning mythologies all over that it is difficult to identify the truth and a lie. When it is about cleaning your carpet, you cannot risk relying on contradictory data. Incorrect procedures and tools may damage carpet permanently and thus affect the appearance of any house within seconds. Check these carpet cleaning myths that are spreading around.

Steaming ruins a carpet


This is not true. Most people will tell you that steaming is not a good way to clean your carpet. Most carpet cleaning businesses utilize steam cleaning (hot water extraction). This is because it is a good alternative and if performed well, it washes the carpet thoroughly. Top carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning as it can treat various problems if the ones not in the included. Alternatively, if your carpet is inappropriately cleaned, mildew or mold will grow in it.

Deodorizers keep the carpet clean and fresh

Perhaps you might have received this idea when you wanted to clean your carpet once or twice. This is also not true. It is not even possible to vacuum up every spill on the carpeting, and this can result in leaving some on the mat and hence become dust when disturbed. The perfumed powders are unsafe for your carpet because they can cause unwanted dust.

Over-vacuuming the carpet is risky

Don’t worry about this because vacuuming is a tedious task. Even if it is a tedious task, there are experts who you can hire to do the task for you. Additionally, vacuuming gets rid of over half of every kind of dirt embedded in the carpet. Therefore, vacuuming daily or two times in a day cannot trigger any harm to your carpet.

Cleaning makes carpets to get dirt quickly

This is what people will tell you, but it is not true anyway. The fact is that if the carpet does not get cleaned well, it will get dirty quickly. Some cleaning methods leave steamy filtrate and soil behind. Such techniques are the ones that may result in your carpet getting dirt faster. Therefore, you should hire a professional cleaner to ensure the carpet remains clean for long. A residue-free carpet stays cleaner for an extended period.

Only old carpets get cleaned

Many homeowners believe that it is only worn carpets that need cleaning. This is wrong. It is good to keep in mind that carpetings are designed to hide soil. Even it is six months old; it can be cleaned. It could be covering some dirt that is not visible.

Bottom line

We have all been victims of these myths. But it is essential to be informed of the facts about carpet cleaning.  However, before cleaning your carpet ensure you consult a professional on the procedure and technique that you plan to use. Some methods might be harmful and damage the carpet. If possible, hire a professional cleaner to do the work for you.