Having a clean and a well-organized house goes hand in hand with a clean carpet.

A clean carpet has a lot of benefits, not only will you enjoy a good atmosphere but also you will save a lot of money.


When you clean carpets you protect yourself from many diseases, the chances of you spending money on hospitals and chemist will be rare. A dirt house attracts flies, cockroaches, bedbugs and many more pests brought by the unhealthy environment. With a clean carpet, you are sure you won’t spend money on eradicating all these insects.

Now, how do you do to enjoy all these privileges of a clean carpet? The following are carpet cleaning tips.

How to Vacuum Carpets


The carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week, but even more, if you have a high traffic area. This will help your carpet by prolonging the life of it. You need to move the vacuum with slow motion over the carpet so you can allow the vacuum cleaner to suck up the deeply embedded dirt particles. In case your carpet is plush, you should take more time and vacuum the same place for a few times before moving onto the next section. If you have some carpet odors, you may want to add some baking soda to the bag.

How to Clean Spills and Spots

Carpet cleaning tips include how to clean spills and spots. There is always going to be a spill or a spot that you need to give your immediate attention. When you have a spill, carefully blot it with a white towel and then treat the spill with the appropriate treatment. Never rub the spot, or it will make the spot increase in size. When you use a cleaning solvent, you should work from the outside in on the spot. Every spill and spot may need a different solution type for cleaning it.
If you spill red wine on the carpet, you need to dilute it with white wine and then cold water and apply a white towel and blot up the spill. If you have a pet urine spot, use some mild detergent with one teaspoon of vinegar in warm water. Apply the solution to the spot and allow it to dry and then vacuum. This will also be used when cleaning mud spots when you scrape up the caked section of the mud.

Use a Stream Cleaner to clean your Carpets

Carpets will require a deep cleaning over the time. However, you do not want to do this very often, especially if you want your carpet to say newer looking. Use an average detergent on your carpet and carefully follow the right directions of the steam cleaner. First, you have to vacuum your carpet thoroughly before you do a deep cleaning. After you have completed a room, make sure that you have ventilation for drying and do not walk on the wet carpet. If you must walk on it, bare feet are recommended as long as they are clean.

Get A Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet is a major investment involved in the interior of the house. It is the face of the house where visitors dine and rest first. Use these cleaning tips, and they will help you. If your schedule is congested, or you are unable to apply them correctly, contact a carpet cleaning professional to do cleaning or give you more guidance on how to clean your carpet. To make your carpet to last longer, embrace regular cleaning and avoid using extremely hot water. If you do not take care of your carpet, it will become worn and tattered looking after a year or so.

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