a carpet

Carpets come in all sizes, shapes, colors and color combinations, and, of course, in many different densities as well as thickness of pile.
For most of us, it can be quite difficult to decide the best method to use in hoping to clean a soiled carpet. One of the most frequent problems that arise are "accidents" by family pets. Most dogs are easily trained to behave, some try, but often have little mistakes occur. This can be due to excitement, anxiety and sometimes, dogs can actually seek revenge because they feel neglected.
Cats, fortunately, even small kittens, can be shown a litter box and almost invariably they'll begin using it from the first day, so they aren't likely to have the same sort of accident dogs may have. However, cats, on the other hand, can create considerable damage with their claws, not only on the carpet but overstuffed furniture and wood furniture as well. Carpet cleaning can't really be of much help in this case.
Other reasons for wanting to clean carpets is that they simply become dingy over a period of time. We may vacuum frequently, even daily, but sooner or later, that carpet is going to need a thorough deep cleaning.
It is possible for many homeowners to do a decent job using the proper equipment and taking the time to do a thorough job. It must be remembered, however, that many deep stains pass through even the thickest densest carpet and, remaining in the flooring, can cause nauseous odors and stains to creep back up, even after the carpet has been cleaned.
No matter what the thickness of the carpet may be, the first line of defense might be for the homeowner to rent a carpet cleaning machine at a local grocery store or other outlets. It is important, in the case of pet odor, to remember that a steam cleaner may tend to bond the protein into many fibers, and chemicals such as vinegar, ammonia, etc. can only reinforce urine odors. In a worst case scenario, it may be necessary to remove some of the padding and even carpet itself.
In many other cases, baking soda and vinegar, the old standbys may be useful, but the job can still prove to be backbreaking and seldom comes out the way the homeowner hoped.
A thinner carpet such as Berber is dense, but not nearly as deep as many and this could make the job just a bit easier, but the homeowner should remember that its very density may make deep cleaning an even greater challenge as opposed to a luxuriously thick pile. While the thinner carpet is easier to vacuum and is less likely to pick up and hold dust and other items such as crumbs, it can prove to be just as difficult. The thicker pile allows more "breathing room" for dirt, crumbs, and other tiny items to bury themselves deep into its depths and therefore can be somewhat more difficult to clean.
While the cleaning supplies that may be purchased along with renting a carpet cleaning machine can be useful, and, depending on the soil damage and other problems that may arise, they can do a pretty good job for little money.
But in the end, the takeaway here is to consider the idea of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to come out. These professionals can better assess the damage, the amount of soil and quickly determine the necessary steps to correct these problems, and for a cost more modest than many may believe, leave the home with like-new carpeting. A home with that fresh, new house smell and the children may roll about on the carpeting without danger of picking up germs.