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What is Carpet Extraction Cleaning?

Carpet extraction cleaning is a very popular procedure used by many people to deep clean carpets. It is also known as the hot water extraction method. It is loved by many people because of its ability to get rid of stubborn stains and the dirt particles that have deeply settled. However, to get the best out of this, you should hire professionals to help you with this, but if you cannot afford to do that yet you have all the equipment with you, it is great as well. This method of carpet cleaning will require you to first;

Prepare your carpet extractor

This is done by first mixing the chemicals that you want to use for your carpet extraction cleaning. And this should be done according to the directions which are on the bottles. Your extractor’s solution tank should then be filled with chemical and water; the two should be of the recommended proportions. You can opt to fill the tank with hot tap water, and that is if it is a non-heated unit. However, if it is a heated unit, you will have to turn the heater on so that the temperature is equally distributed to the entire solution.

Preparation of the extraction area

This involves removal of all furniture and any other obstructions from the area which is carpeted, and while doing this, you should be wearing disposable shoe covers; this is done to prevent the spread of more dirt into the carpet. You should then be in a position to remove as much dirt as you can from the carpet, and this is done by use of a vacuum cleaner. If the carpet has stains, then you will need to get rid of it by using the right strain removers as well as the portable spotter.

If it is an extremely soiled area, it is advisable that you first prepare it. This is done to so that the chemicals can soak, by doing this the bonds of the dirt can easily break and hence freeing it from the fibers of the carpet. However, if your carpet does not have a lot of dirt, then you can just proceed to the extraction process.

However, if you do not have any knowledge about this type of carpet cleaning, it is best that you hire professionals. Getting the help of professionals is the best thing you can ever do to your carpet, this is because such people are very knowledgeable about what they are doing, they also have the experience needed for that job, to top it up, and they have the necessary equipment for carpet extraction cleaning. With their help, nothing can ever go wrong; all your worries will be done away with as your carpet will come out to be sparklingly clean, something that you never expected. However, it is important to note that this type of cleaning is recommended to be done after every twelve months, but the frequency still depends on your schedule, you can choose to do it after every six months as well.



Considerations When Purchasing A Carpet

Installing a carpet in your home comes with very many benefits, it brings comfort, it helps in absorbing sound, and it improves your home’s look as well as design versatility. Carpets exist in a variety of colors, materials, and patterns. Replacing an old carpet with a new one can give your room a new and fresh look. There are many types of carpets and patterns available in the market; this, therefore, makes it difficult to choose the right carpet types and texture. And it is very important that a carpet buyer chooses the right carpet color which goes in line with his or her homes décor. Below are some of the considerations to keep in mind before choosing a carpet.

  1. The appropriate carpet padding: It is an essential part if carpet, this is because it provides a carpet with extra cushioning and support. Failing to get padding at all or selecting inadequate padding can make the carpet to wear easily. Padding materials that are of quality are normally made using rubber or foams. This, therefore, helps in preventing carpet backing as well as the fibers from deteriorating. With adequate padding, your home will also be insulated from sound. However, you should ensure that you get the padding that goes in line with the carpet that you intend to buy.

  2. Choose the right carpet style: Carpets exist in different styles, for example, the textured, Saxony, plush, frieze and Berber. And each of these styles has a unique feel and look. As a homeowner, you may want or go for a carpet style by considering the carpet’s looks. However, it is important first to think about the care and maintenance that is required by each style. Saxony, plush styles suits to be used in living rooms as well as bedrooms; this is because these areas are low traffic areas. Berber is suitable for areas that experience high traffic because they are very dense textured and friezes are also suitable for such areas because they also hide dirt as well as debris.

  3. Consider the prices of carpets: Prices of new carpets vary a lot, and these prices vary due to styles and the carpet materials. With this, you will be in a position to select a carpet that goes in line with the needs of your home as well as the budget. Stains and allergens resistant carpets are those that are classified among the expensive carpets. High traffic areas need carpets that are cheaper; however, getting an expensive carpet for a place like a living room is worth an investment.

  4. Beware of warranties: Carpet manufacturers provide buyers with several warranties; these warranties include stain warranty, wear and tear warranty, 5 to 10-year warranty as well as matting and crushing warranties. However, working with these warranties can be very difficult, especially when a homeowner’s wear does not match the manufacturer’s definition of wear. Most defects in a carpet occur during the carpet installation, therefore is it important to ask the manufacturers about their options in case you are unhappy with the installation.

  5. Carpet care and maintenance: To maintain your carpets look and maintenance, it is important that you also provide it with good care. It is therefore very important that you go for the type of carpet that can be easily maintained. For areas prone to traffic, you should get carpets that are stain resistant; this is because they will need less cleaning. Textured carpets are as well suitable for areas with a lot of traffic; this is because they are resistant to dirt. It is very important that you know the requirements for a specific carpet’s maintenance prior to buying a carpet, with this, you will be in a position avoid the high maintenance which you are unable to care for.

Carpets normally bring a huge impact to the overall look of a home. It also brings comfort to your room; this is why it important that you do not take the task of carpet choosing lightly. There is a lot to be considered, and with all these, you will be in a position to select the right carpet that suits your needs. Getting the appropriate carpet and giving it proper maintenance and cleaning will help in improving the feel and your home's appearance. For effective carpet care, you should consider your carpet being cleaned by professionals at least once in a year.



Signs That You Need To Get Rid of Your Carpet

The most important part about a home is the carpet. We often walk on it with barefoot, our kids would crawl around it, the pets love to play on it, and we even host dinner parties with friends and family on it.

With all these important and meaningful activities that we do in the house, it’s important that the carpet is clean and in excellent condition. This is why it’s essential to have a carpet cleaners to come in to clean the carpet to extend its life expectancy. On average, people would get a new carpet every 5-15 years, but if you’re able to keep your carpet healthy, you can replace it past the expiration date.

Unfortunately, there are signs that we need to be aware of that signifies that it’s time to get rid of the carpet. If you are curious about these signs, well then you are in luck. Here is the list of things to look for, so you know when you need to replace your carpet.

Water damage and mold

Water damage is no joke. If you have recently experienced a severe flood that has completely soaked the carpet, then it’s time to replace it. This is mainly because water can get absorbed into the carpet and leak into various places in your home like the kitchen, bathroom, and ceiling. Also, water damage can stimulate the growth of mold and mildew. This can cause further damage to your establishment and causes respiratory health issues to your friends and family. It's is especially true if a family member is prone to asthma and allergies.

Wear and tear

Wear and tear on the carpet can make your house look dirty and trashy. Even if you spent a significant amount of time cleaning the carpet, the worn out patches would always be present. After all, carpet fibers get weaker after five years, and then it gets torn easily with the slightest pressure. That is why carpets are expected to be installed and replaced after 5 to 15 years. If your carpet looks worn down or beat up, then it’s time to throw it out.


If your carpet is stained beyond saving, then it’s time to get rid of it. As the year goes by, there are various elements that can stain your carpet. Eventually, it gets to the point where no matter how much you vacuum and clean, the stain is still there. Whether it’s red wine, coffee, and mustard, eventually, it would be too much for you to even keep your beloved carpet. This is mainly because the carpet can absorb all these matters making it very tough to get rid of it.

Severe Odor

Carpets are like sponges; they absorb everything from smoke and odor all the way to toxin and pollution. After years of absorbing matters from the air, it can result in strong and severe smell. If you notice any strange and abnormal odor that cannot be neutralized with air freshener, then it’s time to replace your carpet. After all, the horrendous smell is the main thing that can deter your party guest from your house.


Are carpet cleaning is effective in extracting and eliminating allergens, but there are some rare cases that you will need to get a new carpet with. Dust particles and animal dandruff can accumulate and get stuck in the carpet. If you notice that your family member and you are constantly sneezing and have watery eyes despite adequate antihistamine treatments, then it’s time to replace your carpet. Dust particles and animal dandruff are the main culprits to allergy exacerbation, and it can get worse if you don’t get rid of the issues. If this has accumulated for years on end, then you may need to shop for a new one.


The padding provides support and foundation to the carpet. It acts as a shock absorber or pillowcase underneath the carpet. That is why the carpet feels softer and more comfortable compared to walking on wooden floors. As time goes by, the carpet can absorb a lot of spills and matters that can destroy the structural integrity of the padding. The signs of wrinkles, crackling sounds, and unevenness mean that the padding is deteriorating. When that happens, it means that it’s time to replace your carpet.

Call Us For An Estimate

With all this information listed above, you should be able to tell if you’re carpet needs a cleaning or needs to be thrown out. You should be able to walk into any homes including yours and know whether or not the carpet needs to be replaced. Sometimes, it takes people a long time to know that something is wrong with their carpet, but luckily with this article, you would be able to see all the red flags. After all, the first thing that your guest would notice when they walk into your home is your carpet, so you want to make a good impression. If you’r still unsure, you can call us for a free estimate and take a look at our services.



How to Clean a Baby Seat

Honestly, kids create quite the mess, and more often than not baby seats pay the price. Children spend a lot of time in their car seats especially during travels or running different sorts of errand with their parents. Many parents allow their kids to drink and eat while in their car seats which explains why they easily get dirty. Additionally, drool, vomit, blown-out diapers and spilled drinks on the car seat can quickly translate into a breeding ground for germs. Fortunately, Several steps can be observed to get rid of any dirt on the baby seat. The following article will provide a few tricks on how to clean a baby seat.

1. Remove the baby seat

Disconnect all the straps from the vehicle to uninstall the seat. This will enable you to thoroughly clean the seat without getting into the car and making everything else wet. You will also easily reach all the hidden areas where food debris and dirt accumulate. Place the seat in an area with good lighting from where you will clean from.

2. Clean up the visible debris

Thoroughly shake the car seat to eliminate any loose dirt and food particles. Use paper towels or a wet cloth to remove any liquid substance that could be on the car seat. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you could make use of it to get rid of debris stuck in different corners of the chair.

3. Remove the seat cover and straps

Most baby seats have a fabric cover that is removable. If this is your first time removing the cover and unfastening the straps, you might need to go through the user guide. It contains a particular set of cleaning instructions and guidelines on how to detach and reattach the straps once cleaning is completed.

4. Clean the cover and straps

It is highly advisable to hand-wash the cover using cold soapy water. Refrain from using bleach and when using a machine, wash it on delicate cycle. Line dry the fabric cover to prevent shrinkage. If the car seat does not have a removable cover, use some sponge and soap to scrub any spots.To clean the straps, clips, and buckle, use a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Rinse these areas and let them air dry completely to prevent rusting.

5. Clean the plastic base

If your baby seat has a plastic base, clean it with a damp sponge containing a little detergent. Thoroughly scrub any areas that may have tough spits and rinse it under running water. To prevent water buildup in the plastic base, wipe it with a dry cloth and leave it out to dry for a couple of hours. Air drying helps to eliminate any odors on the baby seat instead of using odor-eliminating sprays. Such sprays may have an itching effect on the baby’s skin.

6. Reassemble the baby seat

Once the cover is dry, reattach it to the plastic seat base. Place all the straps in the right positions to ensure that the seat is safe for the child. You may need to refer to the instruction manual if necessary. Make sure that none of the straps are twisted as they may wear out faster or not hold your baby securely.

With this few cleaning steps, you can be sure that your young one will always seat in a germ-free zone while driving around.


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How to Make Your Home Smell Great

Interior of a living room

Don’t you just love it when you walk into your home, and it smells good? Or better yet, when a visitor compliments the smell of your house? Some of these smells bring back great memories, for example, the distinctive smell in your grandparents’ home.

The simplest and cheapest way to make your house smell good is to open the windows and doors. Fresh air removes bad odor from the house leaving it smelling fresh and clean. However, this method is not effective during extreme weather such as winter and summer.

Fortunately, there are various other inexpensive ways to make your house smell great. The first step to ensuring that your house smell great is to remove any bad odor. You can make use of some of the tips and tricks discussed below to get that fresh scent in your home.

1. Carpets

Carpets soak up unwanted odors from other house smells, kids or pets. You can quickly remove by cleaning the carpet with some baking soda and cinnamon. Mix these two equal portions of these ingredients in a container, preferably a spray bottle. Spray this solution onto the rug and let it sit in for roughly twenty minutes. Proceed to vacuum your carpet as usual. This will leave your carpets smelling fresh. You can also use some commercial carpet clean to eliminate the foul smell.

2. Make some stovetop potpourri

Stovetop potpourri is an excellent way to freshen your house at any time. Chop some slices of lemons, oranges, apples, cloves, herb of choice and place them into a pot of water on low heat. Keep adding a little amount of water to the pot after every thirty minutes. The steam will spread the sweet scent throughout your home. This is a great trick when expecting guests.

3. Essential oil diffuser

Diffusers have become quite popular now especially if they contain essential oils. They are easy to use because all you need to do is fill it with water, add several drops of essential oils and switch it on. The diffuser creates a mist that spreads the scent of the oils in your entire house. The essential oil you use will determine the scent of your home. You can begin by trying out different fragrances until you achieve the desired smell. Also, you can combine several essential oils at a time to get a customized home scent.

4. Cook something delicious

Cooking some foods makes the house smell so great. Onions are an example of such foods. If you are expecting guest for dinner, begin by frying some onions before people start to arrive. All your guests will be welcomed with an aromatic smell of a home-made meal. You may also consider baking some bread or cooking which will add a warm, delicious scent in your house.Try to avoid greasy foods such as bacon or those with heavy scents such as garlic.

5. Do the laundry

One of the best scents in the house is that of freshly done laundry. If you want the house to have a pleasant smell, start doing laundry. To enhance the scent, you can combine the laundry with some scented dryer sheets. This will do the trick.

6. Clean the house

House cleaning goes a long way to eliminate bad smells in a home. Use some scented detergent with a few drops of vinegar to clean all surfaces such as furniture and kitchen counters. You can also spray some fabric freshener on your couch and curtains leaving them smelling fresh and lovely.

Part of cleaning includes throwing out old rugs, removing damp towels from the bathroom and decluttering the house. Also, ensure that the bathroom is thoroughly attended to which prevent the growth of mold on the wet door and windowsills.

The kitchen can be a major source of odor which is why the garbage disposal should be cleaned regularly. A solution of vinegar and baking soda poured down the garbage disposal drain will leave the kitchen smell clean.

7. Introduce plants into the house

Plants not only beautify and add life to a space but also naturally purify the air. Some plants have pleasant smells and are fit to be indoors. Lilies, oregano, orchids, Arabian jasmines, eucalyptus are some of the plants that can be placed in the house. Moreover, adding a few fresh herbs in the kitchen such as mint can be heavenly.

Apply some of these tricks to add some freshening to your home. Remember to constantly air your house frequently too.

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What is a deep house cleaning?

We all know those areas we avoid cleaning until it is absolutely necessary. When the oven starts making smoke signals. When the inside of your microwave looks like a competition of kids finger painting project. When you have such a greasy situation, the payoff is huge- its time you stop putting aside those deep cleaning tasks! Deep Cleaning entails cleaning or washing down your doorframes, baseboards, cabinets, windowsills, carpet, and doors. You also need to clean fan blades, light fixtures, blinds, and perfume a detailed kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

General House Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

It is highly beneficial to deep clean the entire house at least once every year to remove all debris and dust and debris completely for a cleaner home and to enhance a healthier environment. However, deep cleaning each room of your house can turn out to be a tedious task and if that the case, you can always hire the services of professional home cleaners to effectively clean every inch of your home. These professionals understand the hassles of everyday life where everyone is so busy with work, family, and social life, barely leaving no time to clean your house properly. Typically, deep cleaning covers areas that are not traditionally covered by spring or regular cleaning. These areas include:

  • Behind kitchen appliances such as washing machine, oven, and cutting through the grimes that build up beneath the sink.

  • Full and deep dusting all the corners of the rooms for cobwebs

  • Inside of patio doors and window frames

  • Inside your oven and don’t forget the oven door glass

  • Outside and inside of all windows

  • Scale removal from all kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, taps, shower heads, and more

Deep Cleaning the Entire Home checklist

The key aspect to keeping a healthy and happy home is maintaining a well-cleaned home and you can’t achieve this without a thorough deep house cleaning. Typically, this is what deep house cleaning entails:

Dust and vacuum cleaning: Hard-to-reach places, ledges, light fixtures, windows, and above the cabinets need to be cleaned thoroughly. Typically, you need to remove obstacles and clean all the areas that tend to be too hard to reach during a normal cleaning routine.

Cabinets or Drawers: Empty your cabinets and drawers one after the other and wipe them with a clean cloth. Then give them a vacuum, and you can also use favorite cleaning spray. Not forgetting where your eyes land, don’t forget to wipe down your cabinet faces as well.

Couch and Chairs: Take out all cushions to allow you to vacuum the creases where cans, pet hair, and snack debris, popcorn love to call home. Also, you can move the couches to clean behind it if it sits against the wall and underneath where most dirt particles lay.

Carpet: carpet cleaning is the centerpiece of your deep cleaning. You need to clean spots, stains, and dust in your carpet to ensure that the whole family is healthy and that they enjoy a cleaner interior environment

Blinds: deep cleaning is not complete without giving your blinds a thorough cleaning by spraying them with some vinegar and scrupulously scrubbing them down.

Faucet: Wipe your faucets and showerheads with vinegar and remember to also clean out the aerators.

Windows: Vacuum your window tracks and windowsills and try to remove bugs and cobwebs from the window screens.

Vent Covers: Remove your HVAC vent covers and clean them thoroughly in a sink with luke-warm soapy water.

Garbage Cans: Sanitize and wipe out garbage cans, your recycling bins, flowerpots, and wastebaskets.

Doors: ensure that you wipe down your doors as well as doorframes for all the dust, fingerprints, and smudges.

Ceiling Fans: dust and wipe down the ceiling fan blades

Kitchen: you can use vinegar and baking soda clean the sink, microwave, oven stovetop, cabinets, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. Also, remember to remove fire hazard at the bottom of your toaster.

Bathroom: Remove your shower curtains and wash them. Also do a thorough cleaning to your toilet, toothbrush holder, and grout.

Bottom line

The best way to avoid a strenuous deep cleaning is by practicing continual upkeep. If you clean your home regularly, the next time you confer with the above Deep Cleaning checklist, your house will be in a right place.

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How to Get Wax Out OF Your Carpet

Everybody loves the intimate and warm ambiance provided by candlelight. The worst moment is when wax drips all over the carpet. Determining the ways of removing wax from a rug is necessary for everyone who loves using candles during for example parties or maybe in areas prone blackouts. Luckily, the removal process requires materials which can be accessed quickly or you already have them at home. Tackling the problem right away enables you to get your carpet wax free and spotless. Below is a guide on how to get wax out of carpets.

candle on table

Materials Required

  • An ice pack or a bag of ice, rubbing alcohol, or carpet cleaner

  • Iron ( You can use a hair dryer for worse conditions)

  • Terry cloth towel, paper towel, or a brown paper bag

  • Vacuum

  • Butter knife or a dull knife

The process of carpet wax removal involves two methods which are Freezing it out and melting it away.

Freeze It Out

  1. Place a bag of ice over the stain - You can use whatever you have such as ice packs or a frozen material such a slab of meat to get the stain as cold as possible. Wait for a few minutes until you are sure the wax is frozen. This solidifies and hardens it, making it simple to pick off when it is completely solid.

  2. Chip away the stain using a butter knife - Get rid of as much much wax as possible and also consider cleaning it make the process more successful. Minimizing the amount of wax to handle in the end, the better. If you unable to remove much wax and a substantial amount is left over, don't worry because you can alternatively move to method two where you will have to melt the wax using an iron.

  3. Once the wax is gone, spray the area with cleaner - You can use a cleaning solvent or carpet spray. If there are stains left from the solvent, clean using alcohol to get rid of the color. After solvent application, blot with a clean rag and clean water to get rid of any leftover residue.

  4. Vacuum the area - After the rug has gone through a pretty harrowing process, vacuum it to get back to its original texture.

Melting it Away

  1. Place a sheet of a brown paper bag over the spot (Not plastic). You can do the job using a lunch bag or a bag from the grocery store by placing it at the edge of the stain. Under the covered part by the bag, put a towel. You are required to move the bag as the wax saturates and be careful not to cause a further mess.

  2. Set iron at a warm setting. Only the heat is required thus don’t get the iron too hot because it will melt the bag. Also, avoid using a steam setting.

  3. Slowly Iron over the paper bag. Wax will get out of the carpet as it absorbs onto the paper bag. As it saturates, slide the wax out onto the towel and expose it to the uncovered part of the bag. Do not leave the iron for too long in any spot to avoid ending up burning the carpet and aggravating your problem. When there is no further appearance of the stain on the paper, lift it up cautiously and check whether there is anything left. If there is more wax left, repeat the process, and eventually, you will get rid of the wax.

  4. Remove any remaining stains by rubbing alcohol. Put a cloth over the stain and use the iron (steam setting should be on). The dye should be absorbed by the cloth and away from the carpet.

  5. Spray the area with a cleaning solvent or carpet spray for good measure. Finally, you can lay the cloth on top of the sprayed area and iron it but make sure the steam setting is on the same way as the previous step of rubbing alcohol. Try vacuuming the carpet if it seems a little worse for the wear. Eventually, the carpet should rejuvenate its former beautiful look.

Conclusively, Cleaning your carpet is a crucial part of maintaining your home clean. A home reflects the personality as well as the lifestyle of a person. Your home cleanliness makes you feel pleasant and comfortable.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the results of this methodology, and we suggest having a professional take care of your carpets.

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3 Myths about Carpet Cleaning

One way homeowners find it easy to increase beauty in their homes is by carpeting their rooms. Carpeting increases the value of your home, making different room occupants feel comfortable. It also enhances the style and design of your house. However, when it comes to carpet cleaning, there is a lot of faulty information that may bring you a sense of confusion. Therefore, you cannot rely on these myths to determine whether or not to clean your carpet. In this article, we have outlined the three main myths that you are likely to face about carpet cleaning. We have identified these myths and discussed the hidden truth.

#1. High-powered cleaner should not be used to clean carpets


Truth: The claim that high-powered carpet cleaners will destroy your carpet is and always will remain false. According to this myth, high-power cleaners damages and wear out your carpet. But this is not the case when you hire a professional carpet cleaner. With a trained person, you can relax your mind and be assured that the cleaning process will not wear out your carpet. Instead, you can expect for a fresh look, a clean and a new looking carpet. High-powered cleaners will only bring damage to your carpet if misused. This is the reason why you need to hire a professional person to ensure that these types of equipment are well handled. If you want to maintain the original look of your carpet, this is among the best types of equipment you can consider using. As a result, you will be able to lengthen the life of your carpet. If you want to hire well-trained personnel for your carpet cleaning process, consider getting one from Grass Valley Carpet Cleaning Services.

#2. Carpet-cleaning destroys your carpet’s original look, and you need to clean it if only stains can be noticed on it.

Many people believe that cleaning your carpet will destroy it from its original look. However, this is not the truth. With the improved levels of technology, high-quality carpet cleaners and chemicals have been established. These cleaners are safe for use on your carpet. They are designed to gently reach down between the carpet fibers leaving your carpet completely clean. Contrary to this myth, it has been realized that cleaning your carpet on a regular basis helps to keep it looking new at all times. Using modern cleaners and newly designed chemicals will clean your carpet in an amazing way.

As for advice to those who want to use the modern carpet cleaners, first, try it on a small spot and see the effects. This will help you to identify the right cleaners and product to use on your carpet. Using the wrong cleaners will have negative affects your carpet. Using modern cleaners is an efficient way of carpet cleaning with fewer chances of experiencing any difficulties. This is the best method for you to adopt as it is associated with great results in the cleaning of your carpet.

#3. By cleaning your carpet you attract molds and mildew in your home

Truth: Carpet cleaning can facilitate molds growth in your home if only the carpet is not well dried. But with thorough drying, there will be no moisture trapped. This means that there will be no attraction of molds and mildew in your home as a result of carpet cleaning. At Green Valley, we use carpet cleaner models that will dry your carpet completely. This makes the carpet cleaning task simple and easy. It also ensures that you can resume using your carpet as soon as possible. Keeping your carpet clean will greatly reduce the chances of mold growth in your home.

One of the best ways to maintain the quality of your carpet is by keeping it clean. Making sure that the cleaning process is correct keeps your floor looking new all days. The truth is, if you give a deep thought about some of these myths, you realize that they can be avoided.

Note: it is advisable that you always read through the instructions on how the cleaner and the cleaning products are to be used. Manufactures will always provide a manual on how to operate different cleaners and instructions on how the chemical should be safely and correctly used. Different carpets will have the specific type of chemicals to be used on them. Be sure on what the type of your carpet is. This will help to prevent the occurrence of any possible problems.