woman lying on carpet

There are the DIY (Do it Yourself) types in virtually every area of home maintenance and repair. Some projects, such as building or repairing a new outdoor deck, are admittedly beyond the abilities of most people. Then there are the smaller projects, such as cleaning the indoor carpets, that seem like a no-brainer. Just go to the local hardware store, ask a few questions (or not) and pick up one of the carpet cleaning systems available for rent. Then just put the cleaning solution in the tank, add some water (maybe) and you’re good to go.
But often you do not get the expected results, and sometimes you make it worse.
After you stop yelling at the inanimate object that actually does not have any feelings, you will be left to do with the problem. The old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, is useful in such situations. In many cases, people can save themselves a lot of frustration, time, and money if they know what not to do. We will see that three of the major problems with DIY carper cleaning have more to do with the potential problems that occur during and after the cleaning than with the machine or type of carpet cleaning solution you choose.
The following solutions do not apply to spot cleaners, which are only a symptom of the real problem.
It is possible to use too much rug shampoo. Think of it as washing your hair (with normal shampoo) and not completely rinsing out the soap. First, your hair will have that “there’s something wrong with my hair style” look. Second, your hair will start attracting every soot particle and wayward piece of dirt within your vicinity. Both will be the case as a result of using too much rug shampoo or not properly rinsing. That is why it is critical you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, even though it may be a pain or you heard from a friend you can skip a step. The end result of an over-shampooed carpet will be that you will have to clean it again sooner than later, costing you both time and money.
The second problem is one that can be the result of going overboard with rinsing – using too much water on the carpet. Depending on the quality and material of your carpet, the problem can be as small as a slight discoloration to actual shrinkage where the carpet literally tears itself up from the floor. Like with too much shampoo, you can overdo what seems to be a simple task in rinsing out the soap from your carpet. It doesn’t take much thinking to realize one problem can easily lead to another.
The third problem can easily occur when you are in a hurry, or when you are one of those people who hate the idea of shampooing your carpet and just want to move on. You have not over-shampooed or over-rinsed your carpet, but you are not willing to let the carpet completely dry. So you bring the furniture back into the room, thinking life is back to normal. A couple of days later you notice there is some staining around the legs of the sofa or other pieces of furniture. There are two possibilities why this happened. The first is that the legs of the furniture have metal bottoms, and they rusted, leaving a rust stain. The second is that all-wooden furniture legs can have the dye naturally seep into the wet carpet. Both will have you spending more time and money using a spot cleaner or cleaning the entire carpet again.
There are times when calling a professional carpet cleaner is the cheapest and best solution for your particular situation.
At the very least, you should talk with other people who have gone down the road with their own personal carpet cleaning adventure. Ask about what system and rug shampoo they used that got them the best results. Ask about the type of furniture they have, since that should be obvious after reading this article. Finally, pay attention to the time of the year when you plan to clean your carpets. High humidity seasons such as summer, will likely require more drying time. Rainy and snowy times of the year will likely see more dirt tracked in, so choose a time when your cleaning will last longer.
The result you are looking for is one that will greatly enhance the look of your carpet and the entire room. It is best that you ask yourself if you are in over your head as a do-it-yourselfer and pick up the phone to get professional help. This is especially true if you have spent significant dollars on carpeting or if you have a white shag rug. Take the time to learn about your carpet and find the solution that is best for you.