Are you bogged down by the overabundance of possessions? 

Does your home feel like an ever-present chaotic mess? 

In our modern society, we have access to billions of products that enhance our lives in one way or another which has made it so easy for our houses to quickly accumulate clutter. So, our homes can fill up fast with items that end up adding stress and preventing us from having the cleanliness and space we truly desire. 

Decluttering your home from all the extra things that take up your precious room can lighten a load of responsibility, giving your living quarters an inexpensive makeover of sorts, making it easier to clean and allowing room to highlight what's most important and beautiful about your home.

Choosing to take the first step in decluttering our homes can be a big commitment. It can be time-consuming and daunting to take on such a project, but the benefits outweigh the challenge of it.You may wonder with work, school, taking care of the kids, running errands and just everyday chores, how you will ever accomplish such an endeavor? Here are some tips that may help you not feel so overwhelmed and get you on the road to be more at peace, not having to deal with unessential things taking away from the serenity and overall look of your home: 

  • Choose a small area daily or weekly to focus on. Examples: the desk, a kitchen cupboard, a child’s toy box or a closet. 
  • Give yourself a time limit to work on decluttering on a regular basis. Maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes or half an hour a day. Whatever works for your life and helps you move toward your goal.
  • Put a labeled box near the front door to discard items in. When it fills up to drop it off at the Goodwill or donate it to your favorite charity.
  • Only keep things you use on a regular basis, that you absolutely need and, most importantly, the things that bring you the most joy. 
  • Get your family involved! Delegate work areas to other members of the family so that you aren’t doing it alone. You may have to scan over what is being tossed out but having others decide what’s important can make it more doable. Even the smallest child can pick their favorite things so you can get rid of the rest.

After the initial task of decluttering is complete try these ideas that could help prevent the build-up of stuff in the future: 

  • Try setting aside a chunk of time every three or four months to scan your house for anything that may not add to your life and get rid of it. This can help keep things looking nice and keep you from having to go through such an involved process again.
  • When you are out shopping really think about every purchase carefully. Make sure that it is something you really do need and that you will use often or that it’s something that truly makes your heart happy. 
  • On birthdays and other holidays instead of material gifts, ask for money toward something special you are saving up for, gift cards to your favorite restaurant or to be taken on a special excursion with your loved ones.

With a little bit of focus and time, you can have your home looking cleaner and feeling more relaxed. There won’t be junk to stop you from thoroughly cleaning, to get you frustrated every time you're looking for something you do need and you won’t constantly be moving things back and forth to take part in another activity. Removing all the unwanted objects from your living space will simplify your life and make your home more aesthetically pleasing. 

If after your decluttering project is complete you don’t have the energy to do a deep clean or to just keep up with your regular chores call Out of Sight Cleaning and let them do the rest for you!