One of our customer’s greatest concerns is bathrooms.  While a living room or bedroom usually just needs a good dusting and vacuuming and an occasional deep cleaning, bathrooms need thorough deep cleaning every time.  That’s because bathrooms (and kitchens) harbor some of the worst germs our homes contain.  As professional cleaners, we’ve got this bathroom deep cleaning thing down to a science and we’re using this space to share some of our most important tips.  Of course, cleaning bathrooms is also one of everyone's least favorite things to do.  So if the list below feels you with dread or overwhelm, simply give us a call!

Dusting and Vacuuming:

This is a good first step before the deeper cleaning of sinks, showers, and toilets.  While bathrooms can quickly and easily collect hair, thorough dusting and vacuuming eradicates it. Start from the top and move down, remembering light fixtures and crevices.  Nothing makes a bathroom feel dirty like a stray hair left on a surface.

Tubs and Showers:

We learned this insider tip from hotel cleaners - heating tiles and basins up just ten degrees can double the effectiveness of bathroom cleansers.  We accomplish this by leaving hot water sitting in the tub for a few minutes, then splashing it onto the tile and emptying the tub just before cleaning, we get better results a lot faster. (Get this started just before you begin vacuuming and the tub will be ready when you are)  When cleaning showers and tubs, always start at the top so the water running down the walls will not dirty areas you’ve already cleaned. Don’t forget to use antibacterial spray to make sure you’re getting things really clean.  Let the cleaner sit for 5 to 10 minutes before cleaning off the areas you’ve sprayed.  Disinfectants take time to do their (dirty) work. Use a good scrubber to scrub dirt and rings off the tubs and showers. And don’t forget to give a very thorough rinse.  Many cleaners feel this is the most important step of cleaning the tub since residual shower cleaner can attract new dirt.

If you’re cleaning a long-neglected shower, consider soaking the showerhead nozzle in vinegar to disinfect it.  Turning on a dirty shower head can spray bacteria and mildew everywhere.


Again, with toilets, leaving plenty of time for cleaning materials to do their disinfecting work is of primary importance.  Spray things down and add toilet bowl cleaner, then let the whole mess sit for five or more minutes.  While a toilet brush (remember, not too old and well-shaped to get all the crevices) will do most of your hard work, sometimes it just isn’t strong to handle the built upscale and stains.  If you are left with a stubborn toilet ring, use a pumice stone to scrape away the residue causing the stain.  The toilet will look just like new! Don’t forget to clean carefully around the base of the toilet (we like to use disinfectant wipes for this) to remove any dirty drips - yuk!


Use disposable cleaning cloths.  This is not an area where reuse and recycle is a good strategy. Bathroom germs need to be cleaned away not spread around.  Studies show that a number of bacteria in and around a bathroom sinks rivals the toilet!  Spray down the sink and counters with disinfectant spray and wipe everything down carefully starting from the farthest mostly dusty counters and moving towards the germier inner sink.  Throw away wipes as often as needed to ensure you’re cleaning thoroughly and not moving dirt around.  Finish by making sure to wipe down the chrome fixtures with a dry cloth to buff them to a perfect shine.

Mirrors and Glass:

A quick spray and wipe down of mirrors and sinks is one of the simplest steps but makes the bathroom feel happy, bright and shiny.  Don’t forget to be thorough about corners and edges!


Last, but very important. Be sure to finish your bathroom cleaning with a careful mopping.  Do not spread germs around by inadvertently using your mop to carry dirty water from the edges of the toilet towards the door where they are more likely to contaminate bare feet or socks.  Be sure to disinfect and wipe carefully in the toilet area before beginning mopping.  Once you begin mopping the rest of the room, use disinfectant cleaner and rinse your mop often to ensure you remove bacteria before cleaning new areas.

Now we’ve given you the skills you need to get your bathrooms cleaner, shinier and less germy than ever before.   If you’re feeling up to the challenge - go get started!  If not, feel free to give our professional cleaners a call.  We can have your bathrooms feeling fresh and squeaky clean without you even lifting a finger!