For you to have a super clean house, you need to consider every aspect. You should make every part your house clean, and windows are not excluded. Window not only add beauty to the house as decoration they but also they are the primary source of ventilation. They are not made by the only glass but consist other parts such as blinds, shades, and drapes. All these should be kept clean for fresh air in your room. But you have to know how to clean them else you will replace them because they may fail to open. Don’t worry; here we are giving you tips on how to clean blinds, shades, and drapes of your window.

How to clean blinds

Millions of us have them in our homes: blinds. Few of us know that if you do not clean these regular health problems may occur in your family. So it is important to clean them monthly. Blinds are found in different types. Let’s discuss how to clean some of them.

Cleaning Roman blinds

Remove the string from the roman blinds and take of the dowels, you can use a special hand wash cleaning blind soap to clean Roman blinds and make sure you do not damage them.

Cleaning fabric blinds

Fabric blinds are the easiest to clean. You use damping hot cloth. Rub them up and down, and you will achieve the result instantly. You can clean these blinds while you are hanging them.

How to Clean Aluminum Blinds

Most common among us are aluminum blinds because they are versatile and affordable. They are easy to clean; you only need some water, soap and a sponge. It is best to begin at the top and work your way down. Do not scrub hard because you can damage them easily.

Shades Cleaning

Neat and clean shades always give an impression of a healthy and hygienic environment. So it is better to keep your blinds and shades clean for a healthy environment. As shades and blinds have narrow space, it becomes a little difficult to clean them, but with a small effort, you can get your shades safely clean.

  • The first thing to keep your shades clean is to keep it away from getting dirty; do not leave it dusty and ignored for a longer period. Dust away the dirt on the shades daily. If you live in the area that is windy and dusty, then you might have to dust your blinds twice a day.
  • Keep your shades clean by using vacuum cleaner; vacuum cleaner sucks all the dirt from the corners where hands cannot reach. You can use different nozzles of the vacuum cleaner to reach narrow places of the blinds.
  • You can take down the shades and place them across a table and wash with the sponge and liquid detergent; use irrigation pipe, press its mouth to get more pressure of water, so the sharp ends of the blind get cleaned with the heavy pressure.
  • If your shades are not washable, then you can take them to dry cleaner but make sure they can clean your shades. Or else you can use the vacuum cleaner regularly to avoid getting them too filthy or use the pencil eraser to remove the stains from the material that cannot be washed.

Drapes cleaning


Drapes that are marked dry-clean only should be cleaned professionally. Drapes that are not specifically labeled as washable, drapes that are pleated or drapes with delicate trims are probably not suitable for washing at home (see our home cleaning services).

Quick Cleaning

If you need to clean up your drapes in a hurry, you can take them down and remove all pins and hooks. Place the drapes in your dryer on the air-dry or air-fluff setting along with three scented dryer sheets and run the dryer for about 15 minutes. This will remove dust and loose dirt from your drapes while leaving them with a pleasant scent. This is not the most thorough cleaning technique, but it will suffice if you are in a rush.

Window Covering Cleaning

When you follow these tips, everything will be fine with you. Your windows will be opening and closing smoothly. You will have fresh air free from dust and any diseases caused by the dust. Flies won’t come into your direction because you would have closed their entry once you clean your windows. But don’t forget to seek professional advice when things go unexpected or you’re busy. Professional blinds, shades and drapes cleaners will make your work easy and much smarter