A person is likely to check on your carpet when he/she enters the living room. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to make it clean.

Carpet cleaning is necessary for everyone who has a carpet. Some people think that carpet cleaning can ruin the look of the carpets. Carpet cleaning won’t ruin your valuable asset if you use the right tools and processes.

How can carpet cleaning ruin your carpet? How can you prevent this?

This article will answer these questions.

1. Use gentle chemicals

Your carpet will remain intact if you use modern cleaners. The chemicals are gentle but firm and can penetrate the carpet fibres without ruining it. Carpet cleaning regularly can keep your carpet looking new.

Ensure that you test a carpet cleaner before you use it. You can test it on a small spot and see its effect before cleaning the entire carpet.

2. Don’t use too much water

Although you should rinse the cleaning products from the carpet, ensure that you regulate the amount of water. Ensure that you rinse the carpet and have it dry in a few hours. Use the right amount of cleaning chemical. The carpet will take longer to dry when you use too excess chemicals since you will to rinse over and over. Note that leaving the carpet with too much water can cause shrinking. Therefore, you should balance between chemicals and water to get the best results.

3. Don’t scrub

The first thing that people think of when they see a stain is scrubbing it. Removing stains by scrubbing can do more harm than good. Scrubbing can destroy the carpet fibres. The best way of removing stains is by blotting. Also, ensure that you don’t spread the stain while blotting. Blot from the outside and not the inside. All use white towels since colored ones may transfer their dyes to the carpet.

You should try to remove the stain as soon as you spot it. Stains become more stubborn when you fail to remove them quickly. You will need to use harsh chemicals to remove the stain, ruining the carpet instead.

4. Don’t use powder deodorants

Although powder deodorants are cheap, using them ruin your carpet. The deodorant can build-up in the carpet fibres, and vacuuming it may not remove them completely. The powder may mislead you into thinking that the carpet is clean since it has a good scent. Therefore, you should ensure that you use liquid deodorizers instead.

5. Deep clean the carpet at least once in a year

Surface cleaning is important but should rely on it since it doesn’t remove all the stains. Ensure that you deep clean them to prolong their life. Since deep cleaning is not easy, you should hire professionals to do the job.


Carpet cleaning can’t ruin your carpet if you do it properly. Ensure that you use the correct tools and chemicals. You should hire carpet cleaning professionals instead of doing it yourself. They have the skills and knowledge of how to clean your carpet without ruining it.

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