Fall is a time of the year when many people become sick. This season is prone to cause more illness because people spend more time indoors. When this happens, this increases their exposure to germs and viruses that cause people to become ill. 

Keep in mind that certain viruses tend to flourish during certain times of the year.  The rhinovirus and coronavirus tend to flourish during colder weather. These two viruses tend to lead to the common cold. The influenza virus is another common cold weather ailment that is usually strong during the cold winter months. Once again, one of the biggest reasons why these ailments tend to spread during the winter seasons has to do with the spread of germs and viruses from not cleaning. The following information will explain how you should clean up your home or place of employment to help keep these conditions under control.

Cleaning your Office or Public Place of Employment

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When it comes to preventing illnesses during the fall, public places are harder to maintain then personal homes. The reason being is that more people go into a public place than in a home. If you work in a public place like a school setting, call center, retail outlet, fast food restaurant or public office – then you should take these extra steps to keeping your area clean.

  1. Wipe down objects and items that people frequently touch. You can simply use a hot paper towel or hand sanitizer to do the trick. You should also keep extra hand sanitizer on hand to eliminate germs when water is not available. While hand sanitizer is not the cure-all for getting rid of all germs, bacteria, and viruses; it does work for keeping most of these microorganisms under control.
  2. Use a multipurpose cleaner to kill off most of the germs and bacteria that are present when people get sick. You can spray areas down when you have some free time. You should readily use this substance when you notice someone is sick and enters into your environment. Just make sure that no one is around when you are doing this. You do not want to offend anyone.
  3. Get rid of items in your work area that might easily carry germs. If you have a stuffed animal or any other type of clothing item that you keep around, get rid of this item during the fall season. Items made from material tend to carry more germs and viruses. Removing them or covering them in plastic can help to protect you from illness during the cold season. You can also frequently wash these items if you really must have them in your workplace. This will help to reduce the germs.
  4. Make sure that the bathroom and kitchen areas on your job are very well cleaned during the fall months. These two areas of the workplace tend to carry the most germs. Bathrooms are especially prone to carrying diseases and illnesses. If people are throwing up, make sure the mess is cleaned up right away. Even is a person gets their puke in the toilet or wastebasket, the germs will still be around. The same is also true for used tissues and napkins. Don’t forget to disinfect everything with a bleach solution whenever you can.

Fall Cleaning Tips for your Home

When you clean your home during the fall, the first thing you should do is focus on your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. These three areas of the home typically have the most germs. If a person gets sick, they will usually become ill from germs being spread through one of these parts of the home.

  1. Your bedding is prone to carry a lot of germs. This is why people should frequently wash their bedding any time of the year. This is especially true during the winter months. If you have children and they get sick, they will usually spread their germs through bedding and their clothes. So, make sure that you wash all bedding on a regular basis. You should also frequently change your bedding as well.
  2. Keep an eye on your bathroom area. You already know that a bathroom is prone to carrying a lot of germs. This is why you should disinfect this area of your home on a regular basis during the fall and winter. Also, the more people you have living in your home, the more you will have to clean. Just make sure any sick children you might have are not leaving their mucus and body fluids in this area. Otherwise, more people in the house could become ill from their mess.
  3. Kitchens have to be maintained. If they are not, then they too will become germ magnates that could easily cause people to become very ill. Makes sure to get rid of any trash in your kitchen that has mucus or bodily fluids. Makes sure that sick people are not sneezing on counters or over open food. Also, do not have any sick person handling food.

Another thing that you can do to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses is to keep fresh air circulating through your home. Many people close themselves up inside during the cold months. This is only normal. However, when the air is closed off it tends to become stale, and germs have a harder time moving around.

This means that they become more concentrated within a person’s residence. This, in turn, causes more people to become ill. Just make sure to circulate the air in your home. Even if you have to turn on a fan or open the door; airing out your home during the winter is very important for preventing illness. These fall cleaning tips can help people to maintain a healthy environment while reducing their chances of getting sick.