Grout lines attract dirt as well as grime. And a dirty grout can change the appearance of your tile. However, keeping it clean can be tricky sometimes; this is because it is porous. This means that it can absorb grease, spills or grimes that come into contact with it. Knowing how to clean your grout will not only prolong your tile’s life, but it also helps in making it look great. Below is the grout cleaning tips you should know.

a clean floor
  1. To get rid of surface dirt as well as grime, you should wipe your grout using hot water. For this to be effective, you should then mix the water with vinegar and spray it on your grout. It should then be left for a few minutes before scrubbing using a soft brush. To achieve more scrubbing power, you can make use of electric toothbrush; avoid using metal brush because this kind of brush can damage your tile. You should then rinse it with hot water after scrubbing.

  2. You can still make use of commercially prepared grout cleaners or rather diluted bleach. Ensure that you use it properly, and this can be done by following the manufacturer’s instructions on floor grout cleaning. These caustic products should be used sparingly; this is because using the regularly can erode your grout.

  3. A mixture of water and baking powder can help you get rid of stubborn grout stains. This can help you get rid of these stains if you apply it on the stain then let it soak overnight. After waking up in the morning, you should scrub it with a nylon brush then rinse it with hot water.

  4. For porous tile like marble, the less acidic solution should be used; this is because vinegar can stain your tile. You can try this by mixing peroxide, and baking soda then scrub it with a soft brush. Learning how to clean your stained grout in stone tile can prevent you from damaging the floor.

  5. Use sandpaper to get rid of the stains in the grout. You can also make use of a pencil top eraser; it should be rubbed firth and back across the stained grout to get rid of the dirt. When you are done, it should be rinsed thoroughly with hot water.

  6. Since grout is porous and also prone to collecting grime, you should, therefore, begin your grout cleaning mission with prevention. For recently installed new grouts, you can make use of grout sealer for ten to fifteen days; this will make it look its best.

  7. Always remember to rinse your tiles with water after you are done mobbing. This also applies to spills, after wiping the spills; you should always use a damp rag to wipe the area again, just to ensure there is nothing left to soak on your grout.

Once you are done with the cleaning, the grout should be left to air dry for 24 hours then placed on a grout sealer which is silicone based; this will help in preventing future stains and dirt.