Once you’ve devoted your time and money in getting your carpets cleaned, whether you did it all by yourself or you sought professional assistance, you’ll do all you can to ensure it stays clean. It’s essential to ensure that no furniture is moved and no pets or kids romp on it till it’s completely dry since this can dent the fibers, leave stains or rust from furniture or even newly stain your carpet. Carpets take around two to five hours to completely dry on average. There are however some factors that determine how much time a carpet will take to dry.

1. The carpet

The material that makes up a carpet determines how much time it will take to dry. For example, a carpet made from synthetic fibers takes less time to dry up compared a woolen carpet. The size of the carpet is also an essential consideration. Although thick and large carpets seem comfy, they take a longer time to dry up.

2. The humidity levels

No one has control over the weather conditions but the humidity both outside and in your house has a very big contribution to the ultimate drying time for your carpet. The moisture that is on your carpet must evaporate for the carpet to dry up and it’s only possible if the air around the carpet is dryer. This is why it’s important to open the doors and windows as less humid air will be retained. Carpets in well-ventilated homes take a shorter time to dry up compared to those with limited ventilation. Activating your AC systems at home is also a great pro-tip to hasten the dying of your carpet since it eliminates moisture from the building. In a hot and sunny day, your carpet can take less than six hours to dry up but on a humid day, it might take up to twenty-four hours to dry up.

3. The experience of the cleaner

Often at times, we want to do the carpet cleaning ourselves to prevent unnecessary spending. It’s okay. The downside with this is that we end up soaking our carpets making them take longer than expected to dry up. Experienced carpet cleaners use the extraction method. Carpets cleaned using this method take six to twelve hours to dry. This time can, however, be shortened using dry cleaning systems which dry the carpet in two or three hours.

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