Pets are charming and most people regard them as family members. They offer a lot of companionships that people cannot ignore because they are enjoyable to play with and cute. In spite of this, they can become irritating due to the damage they can destroy some of the valuable items in the house. No matter how correctly trained your pet is, accidents happen. Particularly, pets can lead to a loss of artistic value or even the lifespan of a carpet because they make the carpet dirty within a short time. This article discusses how pets can hurt your carpet.

Pets bring dirt from outdoors onto the carpet. This scenario is often prevalent in homes that have pets with four legs like cats and dogs. These pets gather dust on their feet when they go outside and play, then come back in the house and get rid of the dirt on the carpet. The soil brought home by the pets from outside sticks on the pets because they have natural oils on their bodies that attracts dust. When the pets get home, they lie on the carpets passing on the dirt onto the mats, and the dirt is ground in the carpets as they continue lying on the same position frequently. The oils on their bodies also get transferred on the carpets, and they contribute to making the carpet dirty.

Pet hairs also make the carpet dirty. It is essential to keep in mind that pets scrub themselves against the carpet because it is their tactic of scrapping their backs when they feel itchy. Also, dogs and cats get rid of their coats at certain times in their lifetimes. Carpet cleaning by vacuuming two times per week does not do away with all the hairs from pets, and these hairs get rooted or build up in the carpets.

The other way that pets can hurt your carpet is by urinating on the carpet. The act is unfortunate and unsophisticated, and most pets do it regularly. Urinating on the carpets leaves a strong awful smell and a huge stain. A small spot of urine forms a spot larger than a softball on the carpet padding beneath. One of the hardest things to combat when it comes to carpet cleaning is urine from pets. Cleaning up the accidents caused by pets does not entirely remove the odor or the urine.

Pets can also cause damage to the carpet when their nails are long. A pet usually scoots or runs around the carpet when it gets happy, which can rip the strands of the carpet material which can lead to its loosening, leaving bare, less fluffy or unkempt spots on the carpet.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

To protect your pets from hurting your carpet, you have to protect them from mishaps. However, there is no doubt that those people who own pets need professional carpet cleaning companies in specific instances. Pet owners should schedule for professional cleaning for carpets at some point to ensure they get rid of the characteristic odors, keep their carpets looking attractive, and prevents the bacteria that cause odor from deep soiling.

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