Some people may feel unfortunate to have a stain of blood on their carpets, but it should not be an issue since there are various methods one can use to help them make the carpet spotless. However, there are key things to remember when choosing the method to apply for successful results which include the age of the tinge and its size.

Three methods have successfully been used by people and afterward attain positive results, and these are method dish soap, Oxyclean and hydrogen peroxide.To start with, the dish washing soap method works best when the blood tint is of fresh blood and when the fabric of the carpet is delicate. The steps followed include:

  • Wetting the mark with water to help dilute it then ass a small quantity of water to wet the washcloth. Then pat and scour at the mark usually in every directions to similarly hit all the fibers.
  • Wash the stained zone using a wet fabric or pour water instead.
  •  Using a clean cloth, dry up any extra water.
  • Immediately it is dry, vacuum the area to restore the fibers of the carpet.
  • The second method involves hydrogen peroxide and does great when applied to both fresh and dry stains. The first step of the method is the application of a minor quantity of hydrogen peroxide to the tint, and one should allow it to sit for five minutes. Then, pat it using a washed cloth to dry up the mixture while applying some rubbing to make the spot gone completely. Lastly, the carpet needs to be dried by vacuuming the zone to restore the carpet threads.

Oxyclean is the last method, and unlike the other methods, it needs care since without precaution it can leave an odd mark on the carpet. The steps followed include:

  • Mix one part of oxyclean with three-part water. Place the fabric into the mixture and blob it gently onto the mark with both dabbing and rubbing process.
  • After the tint disappears, clean with water since if left it can decolorize the carpet.
  • Use a washed and dry piece of fabric to remove moisture.
  • Lastly, remove everything from the area to restore the carpet threads.In conclusion, for starters who want to get rid of a stain from blood on their carpets, the tips that are in all of the three methods are; there must be the use of a solution, dabbing and rubbing and lastly vacuuming the area to refresh the fibers. With such knowledge in mind, it will be easy to understand the methods.