gravy spill

It’s too hard to watch the carpet you like so much get stains from gravies as well as other things hence interfering with the attractive look of the carpet. Fortunately, the market now offers carpets which are stain free and hence can be easily managed. However, it does not mean that spills won’t get on those carpets and the spills are such annoying. The stains if not cleaned early could lead to deeper penetration hence reaching the floor and producing unpleasant odor. Having much of gravy on the carpet also and especially when taking meals exposes the family to higher chances of some of the gravy getting into their plates.

However, you need not worry on how to get rid of it since whether lumpy or smooth, the gravy can be done away with. Below are steps to take you through removal of the gravy stains.


• Water

• Baking soda or cornstarch

• Vacuum

• Dull knife

• Dish liquid

• Ammonia

• White vinegar

• Cloth

• Ammonia

• Lemon juice

• Hydrogen peroxide

Steps to take

  1. Use the dull knife to scrape off gravy as much of it as you can; remain careful so as not to damage the carpet.

  2. Use the baking soda or cornstarch to cover any remnant of the gravy. Allow that powder absorb any moisture for some time. Remove the baking soda powder using vacuum hose.

  3. Make a mixture of warm water and dish liquid then transfer it into a cup. Pour that mixture on the stains and use cold water on that area to rinse it. Do not be tempted to replace the dish liquid with laundry detergent since the detergents contain dyes which might stain the carpet color.

  4. In case the stain does not fade away after he above step, add to that mixture one spoon of white vinegar and pour the solution on that stain. Use cold water for rinsing off that area.

  5. If the stain persists, make a mixture of warm water and ammonia. Pour the mixture on that stain and use cold water on rinsing the area.

  6. Lastly, pour some lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide on the stain. When using this two, first test their bleaching effect on the carpet by pouring some amount on a hidden area. Use cold water on that area so as to rinse it.

  7. After removing the stain, ensure to use a towel to do away with excess moisture left on the carpet.

Unexpected spills and gravy stains on carpets are too common and therefore they should not worry you as much. The above natural ingredients and steps will help you clean the stains decently with no damage when used in the right way. What you need to do is first analyze that stain very well before embarking on remedies since if the ingredients are applied blindly with no research it can lead to damaging of that carpet.

In a case where the stain persists the natural method, contact Out of Sight Cleaning to avoid further damages. Make sure to reach the experts in carpet cleaning since also the inexperienced service providers could use cheap and untested chemicals resulting in more damage.

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