light fixtures in a kitchen

When it comes to cleaning the light fixtures in your home, there are so many of us who will keep putting it off as long as we can before accomplishing this chore.  It is a very time-consuming task, and it isn't the easiest chore since most of the light fixtures in your home are out of reach.  However, even though it is a frustrating household chore, it is one that has to be done no matter what the excuse might be.  Once you have finally cleaned your light fixtures, you can notice an enormous difference with the lighting in the room.  The room is brighter since the light can shine through the light fixture, without any of the dirt and dust blocking its rays.  So, when it comes to cleaning your light fixtures, there are several different tips that you can use to be able to keep up with the cleanliness of them each week. 

Simple Cleaning 

It seems as if light fixtures have a built-in magnet to dust and dirt, and no matter how frustrating this is, there is no way to change it.  Therefore, if you take the time to do some light dusting once or twice a week, then you won't have to worry about a significant amount, of this dust and dirt build-up, from corroding and covering your light fixtures.  There are several different types of extendable dusters that you can find at the store, and this makes it easier to do this dusting every week.  Using a regular dry cloth works as well, and it helps to prevent any serious amount of dust and dirt building up on the fixtures, making your cleaning easier. 

Deeper Cleaning

Many individuals have glass covers that are covering the light within their home.  If this is the case for you, then removing the glass from the light itself is the best way to clean them.  Remove the glass as safely as you can, and once you have accomplished this, then you will want to be sure and dump out any dirt or dead bugs that are residing within the glass cover.  Soak the glass cover in some warm soapy water, and then you can simply wipe away the dirt and dust, and then rinse it off.  When you replace the cover back over the light, be sure that you do so safely and take your time putting it back correctly.  

Light Bulbs 

It is important to remember that when you are cleaning your light fixtures, it is beneficial for you to clean the light bulbs as well.  The dirt and dust will build up on the light bulb just like it does the fixture, and it is just as important to clean it off.  As you are waiting for the glass cover to soak, or if it doesn't have a glass cover, you can then gently wipe down the light bulb with a rag and then replace it back into the slot and cover it again.  
In conclusion, it is important to be sure that you keep your light fixtures properly cleaned each week, and this will prevent any serious build up of dirt or dust from forming on them.  If you are looking to avoid having to clean your light fixtures deeply, then it is prudent that you take the time each week to wipe them down.  This will keep the light fixtures free of so much dust and makes it easier to clean when you are looking to deep clean them (see our cleaning services).