There is probably nothing worse in the kitchen than a dirty oven. It is also one of the most dreadful tasks during a home cleaning process. The situation gets worse if the racks are covered with grime, burned foods and oil. However much you avoid using your oven, it will still accumulate some residue. Delaying to clean your oven racks will only increase the amount of work you will have to do before they return to their original shiny state.

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Some homeowners prefer using self- cleaning ovens instead which seem like the better option. However, there is a significant downside to using them. Health professionals and repair companies warn against using this feature due to the high temperatures. The heat tends to destroy the racks which shorten their longevity. So we recommend the old-fashioned method of cleaning these racks. Fortunately, there are several methods that you can apply to clean your oven racks. The following article will look at each method in a more in-depth perspective.

1. Dryer sheets and liquid soap

For this method, you will need to place dryer sheets in your bathtub. Place the oven racks in the bathtub and add warm water to cover the racks. Add a substantial amount of liquid soap. Let the racks soak in the water throughout the night. Drain the bathtub the next morning and use the dryer sheets to wipe the racks. Dryer sheets are effective in removing foods that have stuck on the racks. Rinse off the racks with clean water and air dry them. remember to clean your bathtub once the oven racks are clean.

2. Use baking soda and vinegar

This cleaning method will also take place in your bathtub. Place the oven racks in the bathtub and sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on them. Baking soda helps to clean, sanitize and deodorize items and surfaces. Pour vinegar over the racks in the tub. Let this sit for around twenty minutes and add hot water into the tub thereafter. Allow the racks to sit in the tub overnight. Use a towel to clean the racks in the morning which will help to eliminate grime and grease. Where baked foods have stuck on the racks, you may use a toothbrush to brush them off. For tough spots, use salt to which will help to create a coarse scrubbing system. Rinse the racks and dry them before placing them in the oven.

3. Use dishwasher soap

All you need for this process is dishwasher soap, towels, and sponges. Select a comfortable spot from where you can clean your racks in whether a sink or tub. Like the previous methods, you will soak the rack overnight in warm soapy water. Scrub the dirt off the next morning using the sponges and pieces of towels. You can also use a scouring pad to remove spots that persist. Thoroughly rinse the rack with clean running water, dry them and place them back in the oven.

4. Ammonia bags

This is the most dangerous method to clean oven racks. However, it is the least messy and easiest method. You will need a large plastic bag ammonia, a trash can and an open area for example in the yard. The first step is to place the racks in the plastic bag add two cups of ammonia. Tightly seal the plastic bag with tape and place it in the trash can. Let this sit overnight. The fumes from the ammonia do the cleaning and not the ammonia liquid itself. Ammonia is a dangerous chemical, therefore, put on some gloves before removing the racks. This activity should take place outside or in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling the ammonia fumes. Use a hosepipe to spray the racks so as to rinse them off. Let them dry in the open and put them back in the oven soon after.

5. Using a commercial cleaner

Commercial oven cleaners produce dangerous fumes. Therefore, if you are planning to make use of this method, you will have to do it outside. Place some old newspapers on your workspace where you will lay the racks separately. Put on your gloves and goggles to protect yourself from this cleaner. Begin to spray the commercial cleaner on each side of the rack. Following the instructions on the cleaner, leave the racks to sit for the stated amount of time. Scrub off any remaining spots and rinse them thoroughly with a hosepipe.

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These simple techniques will make it easier to clean your racks and leave them shinning once again. Contact Out of Sight Cleaning today for our residential cleaning services.