People really love their pets and they will care for them like their own children. However, people don’t like cleaning up after their fury little four-legged creatures. Especially, when it comes to removing pet odors from carpets. Let’s face it; cats and canines love to mark their territories and will do so on your furniture, beds and floors. The following information will explain how to get rid of pet odors and to keep your home smelling (and looking) its best.

How does pet odor ruin your carpet’s smell and appearance?

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When a cat or dog urinates into a carpet the urine seeps into the fibers. When this happens, the strong urine smell will cause it to stink. Keep in mind that a pet’s kidneys filter out waste material. If they get enough water, then their urine will not have a very strong smell. Pets who are not getting enough water in their diet will have smelly urine. So, if your pet has a very strong urine smell when it pees (especially into your carpet) try giving it more water.

Pets with a strong urine smell will leave behind a scent that smells like ammonia. To get this smell off your floor and out of your home, you will need to perform the following steps below. Just remember to keep your pet hydrated as possible to reduce the overpowering odor of urine.

By the way, if your pet releases waste material onto your flooring, the strong odor of fecal matter will permeate into your home. The sulfur, bacteria, undigested foods, parasites and other waste materials are what makes a bowel movement stink. Once this substance is on your floor you will have to get it out – if you want to refresh your carpet’s odor. Now, that you have a simple understanding of odors; let’s find out how to clean them up.

Basic Feces and Urine Removal

You should start to clean up your rug right away, once you realize your cat or dog has used it as a toilet. First, put on a pair of rubber or plastic gloves. Next, get a small shovel or paper plate to get up any poop that might be on the rug. You can also pick it up directly with your glove covered hands. The next thing you should do is get a sponge or old rag to blot-up any fresh fecal stain. You can also use paper towels.
Try not to scrub the affected area because you can literally massage the fecal matter deeper into the rug.The same steps can also be used for removing urine. Just leave out the part about picking up fecal matter. There will not be any when a pet pees onto a carpet. Once you blot your carpet, you now have three options to further clean your floor.

1. Use a Reliable Carpet Cleaning Brand

There are some commercial cleaning products that can really do a great job with removing pet odors from rugs. They are sold as foams, sprays or solutions. Homeowners just have to spray them onto the affected area and let them sit for a while. Once the ingredients go into the carpet, it can then be vacuumed up or cleaned with a home carpet cleaning machine. Ultimately, if you use a commercial floor cleaning product, make sure you are following manufacturer directions to get the best result.

2. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners to Remove Stains and Odor

A professional carpet cleaning company can be hired to eliminate stains and odors. They typically provide different types of carpet cleaning services that can accomplish this job. The steam cleaning method is arguably the best for removing pet stains. This type of cleaning really gives carpeting a deep and cleaning.

3. Splice your Rug to get the Smell Out

If a pet’s odor is so strong that it does not come out after a heavy-duty cleaning, then you might want to splice your rug. Some pet owners have gone to this extreme when it came to removing pet odors from their home.

Carpet splicing is simply cutting out the affected area and putting in a fresh piece of carpet in its place. This step should only be taken as a last step option since it is expensive and time-consuming to perform. Splicing a rug is useful for saving a fairly new or very expensive carpet from being completely ruined by pet odors. These techniques can also be used to freshen up your carpeting with the natural animal odor that cats and dogs have.

Specialized Carpet Cleaning Techniques

You might not realize this but there is specialized carpet cleaning techniques that can eliminate pet odors. One type is known as chemical dry. This technique is designed to break down urine molecules. It contains special oxidizer that works within hours to rip apart urine molecules and it should not damage your rug. It normally takes about 24 hours to work.
Some carpet cleaning professionals will use UV technology and black light to locate hidden stains in carpets and rugs. Once they find them they can use standard technology to use them or even heat treatment methods to remove the odor.

Once the pet stain has been eliminated the odor should diminish. If you still have a pet odor in your home, after you clean your rug, then the smell might be coming from some other part of your house. Just make sure to get rid of the stains if you want the odors to disappear. Ultimately, removing pet odors from your home is an easy thing to do once you know how to do it.