Everybody loves the intimate and warm ambiance provided by candlelight. The worst moment is when wax drips all over the carpet. Determining the ways of removing wax from a rug is necessary for everyone who loves using candles during for example parties or maybe in areas prone blackouts. Luckily, the removal process requires materials which can be accessed quickly or you already have them at home. Tackling the problem right away enables you to get your carpet wax free and spotless. Below is a guide on how to get wax out of carpets.

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Materials Required

  • An ice pack or a bag of ice, rubbing alcohol, or carpet cleaner

  • Iron ( You can use a hair dryer for worse conditions)

  • Terry cloth towel, paper towel, or a brown paper bag

  • Vacuum

  • Butter knife or a dull knife

The process of carpet wax removal involves two methods which are Freezing it out and melting it away.

Freeze It Out

  1. Place a bag of ice over the stain - You can use whatever you have such as ice packs or a frozen material such a slab of meat to get the stain as cold as possible. Wait for a few minutes until you are sure the wax is frozen. This solidifies and hardens it, making it simple to pick off when it is completely solid.

  2. Chip away the stain using a butter knife - Get rid of as much much wax as possible and also consider cleaning it make the process more successful. Minimizing the amount of wax to handle in the end, the better. If you unable to remove much wax and a substantial amount is left over, don't worry because you can alternatively move to method two where you will have to melt the wax using an iron.

  3. Once the wax is gone, spray the area with cleaner - You can use a cleaning solvent or carpet spray. If there are stains left from the solvent, clean using alcohol to get rid of the color. After solvent application, blot with a clean rag and clean water to get rid of any leftover residue.

  4. Vacuum the area - After the rug has gone through a pretty harrowing process, vacuum it to get back to its original texture.

Melting it Away

  1. Place a sheet of a brown paper bag over the spot (Not plastic). You can do the job using a lunch bag or a bag from the grocery store by placing it at the edge of the stain. Under the covered part by the bag, put a towel. You are required to move the bag as the wax saturates and be careful not to cause a further mess.

  2. Set iron at a warm setting. Only the heat is required thus don’t get the iron too hot because it will melt the bag. Also, avoid using a steam setting.

  3. Slowly Iron over the paper bag. Wax will get out of the carpet as it absorbs onto the paper bag. As it saturates, slide the wax out onto the towel and expose it to the uncovered part of the bag. Do not leave the iron for too long in any spot to avoid ending up burning the carpet and aggravating your problem. When there is no further appearance of the stain on the paper, lift it up cautiously and check whether there is anything left. If there is more wax left, repeat the process, and eventually, you will get rid of the wax.

  4. Remove any remaining stains by rubbing alcohol. Put a cloth over the stain and use the iron (steam setting should be on). The dye should be absorbed by the cloth and away from the carpet.

  5. Spray the area with a cleaning solvent or carpet spray for good measure. Finally, you can lay the cloth on top of the sprayed area and iron it but make sure the steam setting is on the same way as the previous step of rubbing alcohol. Try vacuuming the carpet if it seems a little worse for the wear. Eventually, the carpet should rejuvenate its former beautiful look.

Conclusively, Cleaning your carpet is a crucial part of maintaining your home clean. A home reflects the personality as well as the lifestyle of a person. Your home cleanliness makes you feel pleasant and comfortable.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the results of this methodology, and we suggest having a professional take care of your carpets.

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