Every carpet owner has some days to do the cleaning and shampooing of the carpet. After the cleaning, the owner is sometimes left with the task of getting it dry completely.

Getting rid of moisture helps in the prevention of mildew growth. This helps to minimize the chances of bacterial growth associated with the moisture. Immediately after cleaning, the following should be done to the carpet.

Keeping off the carpet

After cleaning the carpet, it is imperative to keep yourself off it for a period of about two hours. Anyone who walks on it will cause the fibers to be flat, a condition that increases the amount of time it takes to dry. If one is obliged to walk on it, he or she should do it with the white clean cotton socks under his feet.

Spend the least time drying

The faster your carpet dries, there lower the risks of mildew growing. The longer it takes to get dry, the higher the chances of the mildew growing. If the mold grows on it, you will be obliged to replace it, if not treating it. Treatment is expensive and you don’t want to incur costs of treating the smelly carpet. Overall, faster drying is highly recommended.

Use of air power

Use of warm air while drying the carpet is crucial, because it helps it dry faster.

  • Use of fans - Additionally, if you have some fans on your ceiling, consider turning them on to keep the air circulating fast, hence faster drying. Moisture from the carpet evaporates into the air during drying. This only happens when the air upon which the moisture evaporates is drier. These fans cause the air to get dry hence faster drying. The same case applies to a blower.
  • Use of a blower - A blower can carry out the task efficiently. If the drying is carried out indoors, open the windows to have a flow of air into the room. The air will make the drying period to be fast.
  • Use of air conditioners - Another method is by use of air conditioners. This tactic works efficiently in a cold environment or when the windows are in a poor condition to be opened. Air conditioning is the best dehumidifier as it sucks the moisture out of the woolen carpet.

Do it professionally

In case you are not a professional in cleaning the carpet, it would be better to hire one. A professional carpet cleaner will rarely wet your carpet for long. They will not only make your it dry but also provide the highest level of hygiene. He is careful to extract as much water as possible.

The takeaway

Cleaning of carpets is crucial and drying them cannot be overemphasized. Emphasis should be made to dry it as opposed to overlooking the activity to have them simply cleaned. Leaving your carpet wet after cleaning is in itself a recipe for trouble. Mold and mildew are prone to attack it and the result will not be pleasing. More danger lurks in having it wet. Thus, it is very crucial to dry the carpet thoroughly after cleaning.

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