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In this rapidly growing world, we’ve come into a phase where humans have to compete with not just other humans, but machines too. Working endlessly, being over caffeinated and sleep deprived. Yet unlike machines, we do get exhausted at some point in time. And that’s where the small, little things in life keep us going. Now imagine one these days, being overworked, heading back to your home, only to find your even your home wanting to suffocate you to death!

Coming Home to Cleaner Carpets - The Top Tips to Make it Happen

Your home could be filled with a range of things to make it smell that way. But imagine the crushing when you find it’s something as basic as your carpet!
So, here are some easy ways to deal with carpets smells in your house.

Air Freshener for Carpet

The most effective and simplest way to keep your carpets clean and away from the smell is the usage of Baking Soda. It’s easy, non-toxic, cheap and safe, and the fastest way to get the job done. To make the perfect mixture, take one cup of Baking Soda and one full cup of ground cinnamon. Put this mixture in a shaker container. Add parmesan cheese to dispense as well. Shake well, and sprinkle over the stain or the entire carpet if you may. Let it get soaked for 45 minutes and then vacuum it as usual.

Preparing a first aid box for the carpets

A stitch in time saves nine. Manage a box specifically dedicated to the maintenance of the carpet. This should include materials such as a commercial carpet stain remover of a trusted brand, a club soda (for wine spills), a sprinkler bottler fixed with dishwasher detergent and water, hydrogen peroxide for blood stains, and shaving cream for regular stains.

Bamboo shrub diffusers

This is the most economical way to take care of carpet room smells. The mini Bamboo shoots, that are found in Feng-shui stores. They make up for good living room décor, while at the same time taking care of the smell exhumed from the carpets since Bamboo has a natural capacity to absorb odor from the surroundings. To keep it fresh for a longer time, regularly add water to it, and purchase a few extra lookalikes of the same product. Also, vacuum your carpets as regularly as possible.

Some regular carpet cleaning hacks

Apart from the others, here are a few other regular carpet cleaning hacks that you need to know about.

  1. Whenever you’re mopping your carpet, make sure you always bloat it. Don’t scrub as this could deeper the satin and destroy the quality of the carpet.

  2. Deal with stains right the moment they’re spotted or made. It prevents the set in and reduces the effort of removal.

  3. Avoid shoes in the house as much as possible. As soon as you get back, ditch the shoes, and slide into your slippers to avoid smells.

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Why Do You Need It?

If you want professional Auburn carpet cleaning, to make carpets free of stains, you do need professional carpet cleaning. You wouldn't be able to steam or dry clean carpets, which are the most effective way to get rid of dirt, bacteria, mold, and stains. Only then can you make a home that smells and feels like home.

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