The walls play a significant role in determining the overall aesthetic beauty of a home. Handprints, on the other hand, do the exact opposite. Quite often, kids are usually the main culprits behind the numerous trails of handprints in a home. However, in some cases, even adults may unknowingly leave handprints on the walls. You will be able to find these stains mostly near light switches, corridors, kitchen walls and any other place that is frequently visited. But what do you do when you see these prints on your walls? The best way to deal with this problem is by training your kids, yourself and other occupants living in that house always to wash their hands and avoid touching the walls with dirty hands.

But if the damage is already done, you should then remove the handprints from your wall as soon as possible. They can make your home look untidy and old. It’s the necessary thing to do. This article will guide you on how to clean your walls and completely remove handprints.

First, Determine the Paint Finish and Quality

Before you make any move, you should know that the quality and the finish of your paint determines the degree to which you can successfully clean your wall. It’s therefore mandatory for you to know what you are dealing with. You can confirm from your house contractor the type of paint they used in applying on your walls. Or rather, you can ask from a professional painter or a handyman. They are pros in such things. Once you know which type of paint it is, you can begin preparations.

If the paint finish is satin, it can be easily cleaned with some light scrubbing. A semi-gloss finish is similar to Satin and can also be cleaned with ease. However, if you have a matte paint finish, you should then be prepared to do some thorough cleaning. It’s because matte holds dirt and requires lots of scrubbing. Fortunately, if your walls have an eggshell finish, you can relax because it’s stain resistant.

When cleaning, be cautious to avoid harsh scrubbing of the walls because it can damage the paint. Always scrub the surface of the walls gently. Additionally, be mindful of the cleaner/detergent you will use. You should first test on a wall surface most probably in a discreet area to see if it will have any adverse effects on your wall.

Do Some Preparation

Before you begin cleaning, it’s advisable to do some preparations such as covering the area that you are going to clean to avoid water spillage. You should also dust your walls. If you apply water on a dusty wall, you will be adding more stains.

You should also gather the things that you are going to use. They include;

  • A washing detergent
  • A duster, some cleaning cloths, and a sponge. The duster should be soft so that it doesn’t scratch your walls.
  • Two buckets of warm water. One will hold the rinsing water and the other the detergent solution.• You can get some vinegar or washing soda if you are cleaning stubborn handprint stains.


  1. Start by preparing a cleaning solution.
  2. Add an adequate amount of detergent in one bucket. As mentioned above if the stain appears to be stubborn you can add a cup or half a cup of either vinegar or washing soda.
  3. Put the sponge into the solution and slowly scrub the affected area. Use the cleaning cloth to wipe off the solution while rinsing it on the clean water bucket.
  4. Repeat this procedure till that wall is sparkling clean. You can increase the intensity of scrubbing depending on the handprint stain.

The above procedure will help you remove handprint stains from your walls. Additionally, you can also use a commercial water-activated micro-scrubber or even a baby wipe. But before you try any other method, always test it out before doing it. In cases where the handprint stains are beyond cleaning, you can opt to repaint your walls.

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