The number and types of carpet cleaning services vary from one company to another but there are some basic services that are offered by all carpet cleaning services. The first service offered by these companies is hot water extraction service where the carpet is cleaned using as special equipment for spraying heated water.

Cleaning chemicals can also be added to the hot water that is sprayed on a dirty carpet. The dissolved or dislodged dirt is simultaneously vacuumed up with the water. The second service is dry-cleaning where specialized machines are used to dry-clean carpets. Dry-carpet cleaning systems use application cleaning solutions and dry compounds to provide impressive results.
Other basic services include vacuum cleaning, dry foam carpet cleaning, Oriental rug services, encapsulation, and stain removal. Carpet cleaning companies offer both residential and commercial services and it is important to point out that most of them offer other general cleaning services apart from carpet cleaning. For residential and commercial clients, other related services include; pet treatment, area rug cleaning, tile cleaning, odor removal, emergency water extractions, drape cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and furniture cleaning.

The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Apart from extending the life of your carpet, professional carpet cleaning can play a major role in improving your home’s appearance.

However, your family’s health cannot be substituted by anything else, and having a professionally cleaned carpet is one way of ensuring that your family remains healthy.

  • Regular carpet cleaning can help prevent breathing conditions such as asthma and snoring.
  • Carpet cleaning professionals use special shampooing formulas and high powered vacuums to remove pollutants that are deeply trapped in your carpet.
  • Stops dust mite infestations can be cleared through professional carpet cleaning,
  • Can prevent mold growth.

Failure to clean carpets has its own fair of disadvantages that one can avoid when they go for professional carpet cleaning services. By not cleaning your carpet, you create perfect conditions for mold growth, dust mite infestations, and different types of pollutants to be trapped in your carpet.

Stains destroy the original quality and beauty of your carpet hence affecting the general appearance of your home. Having dirty carpet affects the air quality of your home, and this increases the risk of respiratory conditions, allergies, and other infections. Also, a dirty carpet affects furniture, leads to unpleasant odor, and reduces carpet life.

In conclusion, professional carpet cleaners use specialized equipment and cleaning agents to provide excellent carpet cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaning increases carpet life, helps remove tramped pollutants, improves air quality in your home and helps prevent breathing conditions and other infections.

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