cat on a carpet

Let’s face it. We all love our pets. Every time you arrive at your door from work, apart from your family members, your pets will be there jumping up your leg, barking and wagging their tails. During the weekend, you get to spend more time with your pet.
While pets are fun to have around, they can be a nuisance especially when they shed hair on the carpet and rugs in your home. Pet hair can affect the health of family members. For starters, it may result in respiratory problems as well as allergies.
To avoid this, it is important to implement carpet cleaning methods that will ensure the complete removal of pet hair. Want to know about these methods? Here are five pet hair carpet cleaning methods you need to know.

1. Groom your pets regularly

Every morning, you wake up and take a shower before heading to work. In the evening after a strenuous day at work, you get home and take a warm bath before sitting down with the family for dinner and afterward, a goodnight sleep ready for tomorrow.
Imagine if humans had fur. Taking a bath every morning would be a messy affair. I am not saying that people would be shedding hair every day, but it would be common for a few strands to find their way onto the bathroom floor.
Now, this is what happens to your pet. Pets do shed a few strands of hair especially when they come into contact with your carpet, rugs or furniture. To reduce the shedding of pet hair on your carpet or rugs, start grooming them frequently.
If you don’t have the time, you can always hire a pet groomer. By doing so, you will reduce loose hair on your pet. This means your carpet, rugs and even furniture will remain pet hair free. Furthermore, grooming your pets regularly ensures that they are comfortable and shiny too.

2. Invest in a pet bed

When in the living room, you will notice that your pets love to curl at your feet. Others will go ahead to join you on the couch while others will simply find your lap to be the ideal place. This is so, especially for cats. When this happens, your pets will shed hair which will be intertwined with your carpet fibers. As a result, it will be difficult to remove. Furthermore, pet hair will pose a danger and may result in respiratory diseases or allergies.
To prevent your pet from curling at your feet, you can simply buy a bed from the local pet store. It is important to understand that it will not be easy to instruct your pet to start using the bed. What you ought to know is that your pet loves your companionship and the only way you can ensure they start using the pet bed is by training them.
Once your pet starts using the bed, cleaning will always be simple. All you need is to take the bedding and shake it. Make sure that you factor in wind direction. You can also invest in a blanket which can be placed over the carpet and close to your feet since this is the spot your pet loves to curl and rest.

3. Use pet grooming gloves or rubber broom

I know what you are thinking – how can a rubber broom help with the removal of pet hair from your carpet? Well, rubber brooms create static charge because of friction between the rubber pad and the carpet fibers. As a result, pet hair will be attracted towards the rubber pad. As you make several moves towards the edge, you will find that pet hair will tend to accumulate there. From here, you can simply use your vacuum cleaner leaving your carpet clean.
When it comes to pet grooming gloves, you have to employ more effort. Just put on the gloves, get down on all fours and starts removing the pet hair. The gloves work just like a brush. As you pass the pet glove over the carpet fibers, pet hair will stick between the grooves making it easy for you to remove.
Problem is the method requires you to be on all your fours. The area to be covered is extensive which means the task will consume a lot of time. If you select this method as the best, then set aside a weekend which will ensure complete removal of pet hair from the carpet.

4. Use a pet hair vacuum

If you were to take a survey that allows you to find out how many homes own a vacuum cleaner, the survey results would surely be 99.99%. What many homeowners don’t know is that they have the wrong type of vacuum cleaner especially when it comes to cleaning pet hair. If you were to use the normal vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair from your carpet, you would find traces of pet hair intertwined with the carpet fiber.
Today, you can find specialized pet hair vacuums from renowned brands like Dyson and Hoover in the market. Investing in one of these bad boys will ensure that your carpet and rugs are pet hair free. That is not all. Your family members will avoid respiratory problems.
When shopping for vacuum cleaners, you will always come across expensive and budget-friendly models so, research wisely!

5. Hire a professional carpet cleaner

I know this may sound like a cliché, but professional carpet cleaners can ensure your carpet is pet hair free. You can always search for carpet cleaning services on your own or seek references from relatives and friends living in the area.
Professional carpet cleaners have invested in commercial vacuum cleaners and other machines. These machines are powerful unlike the versions used at home and because of this, you are assured of a clean carpet at home. One of the best methods carpet cleaners use is the method of hot water extraction. Not only will it remove pet hair but deep-seated dirt too.

Final Thoughts

As a pet owner, it is important to know that shedding of hair is inevitable. To ensure that your home is pet hair free, groom your pets regularly, buy a pet bed or blanket, use rubber brooms, use pet hair vacuum cleaners or hire a professional carpet cleaner.
Keep your home pet hair free!