a dog on a carpet

With pets, it’s hard to completely bar them from peeing on your carpet, especially if you enjoy their companionship in your living room. The peeing can at times happen as an accident. You may increasingly grow distracted and frustrated when your dog or its puppies make it a habit urinating on your carpet, or even couch. Sometimes, when your dog gets over-excited, urine leaks.

However, it’s important to know that when pee happens, it could be an accident and you’ve no reason to panic. You can apply one of the several methods to getting rid of the dog urine—and the smell that comes as a result—from the carpet. It would be more advantageous if you choose organic cleaning method as it reduces the risk of the cleaner harming you or even your puppy. Here are a few techniques you can use to clear dog urine and its odor as well.

Use green detergent dish and water

One of the primary methods you can use is to use a dry towel to blot the urine immediately the accident happens. Once the towel absorbs as much urine as it can, you can apply a little water, and some green detergent dish drops on the affected area. Finally, you can put a towel over the affected area and step on it to allow for the absorption of more water.

Use baking soda and distilled white vinegar

However, if the urination happened sometime in the day, you can sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and let it stay overnight. You can then spray the patch using distilled white vinegar. You’ll note some bubbling as these compounds react while cleaning. You can also do carpet cleaning your home using a spray made from baking soda and distilled white vinegar. You can mix baking powder (two tablespoons) and water (one cup) in a spray bottle to get a perfect urine cleaning solution for your carpet.

Using detergent mixed with hydrogen peroxide

  1. Dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide: You can also remove dog urine odors from your carpet using dish detergent and a hydrogen peroxide solution. However, to avoid bleaching your carpet, ensure it has a 3% concentration. Mixing one spoon of dish detergent and a half cup hydrogen peroxide will be enough to clear the urine smell from your carpet. Good practice also requires that you do spot testing of the cleaner before applying to the affected area to avoid getting undesired results.
  2. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide: You can alternatively use small amounts of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. Once you have the solution ready in the spray bottle, you can pour or spray small quantities into the affected area and use a soft brush to get the solution into the carpet fiber. You can then allow the stain to entirely dry. Lastly, you need to vacuum clean the affected area to remove any remaining baking soda.

Raising a dog comes to numerous challenges, urinating on the carpet being one of them (see our carpet cleaning in Auburn). However, there’s no need to worry as you can comfortably clean the mess and continue enjoying life as usual. However, you need to exercise caution not to wreck your carpet.

Therefore, when you note that your dog has peed on your carpet, it’s crucial to seek immediate redress to the problem. This solution can be one of the many suggestions we’ve discussed in this post. All you should do is to carefully analyze the intensity of the problem, the availability and affordability of the solutions, and your personal preference of the solution available, before settling on the way to take. Remember, removing dog urine smell from your carpet doesn’t have to be a complex thing, always look out for a simple, affordable and effective solution.