screen door

Screen doors are a magnificent addition to your home due to its energy efficient and aesthetic features. Most of the times, it is exposed to dirt more than the entry door because it is fitted outside. It is wise to know essential tips on how to clean it to maintain its greatness for a long time. You are required to do general house cleaning each season and screen door is one of them. Dirt can damage the screen door. The following are ways on how you can best clean your screen door:


Before you begin any work, it is essential to have all the materials that a project needs. The sad thing you can do is to pause in the process in search of materials. To clean your screen door correctly, you require some items. You probably have them in your house but if not you can rush to your local department or hardware store. You need materials such as water, vacuum, sponge, dirty screen door, towels, and all-purpose cleaner.

Remove the screen

You can remove a screen if it is possible. It is not difficult, and you can do it by yourself. It is a simple method, typically; you pop out by pushing some clips. Some doors have hardware that holds the screen. In this case, you have to remove the hardware by using screwdrivers. Do not worry if your screen is not removable; you can still clean it.

Vacuum the screen

It may seem like a step you can easily ignore, but you can be surprised by the debris that has stuck in the little pores. Lay down your screen in a towel and use a vacuum cleaner. Be gentle enough to avoid damaging the screen. For the non-retractable screen, you can vacuum it along the screen door. However, you should be extra careful because it is easy to damage it.

Wash the screen door

After ensuring all the debris is cleaned off, it is time to wash it thoroughly. Use all-purpose cleaner, water, and bucket. Make a mixture of water and cleaner in a ratio of 3:1. Lift your screen in an upright position and brush using a sponge. Ensure that you wash all the sides. For the screen that is fixed to the door, you can scrub it as well there.

Rinse the screen door

After a thorough scrubbing, you can rinse with lots of water by running it down. Do it the right way to avoid any soap from sticking to the dry screen. You can pour water into it or used a hose and sprinkle it. Using a hose is more effective because it is hard and can wash away any debris or dirt that you may have left behind. For the fixed screen, rinse from inside to avoid water from entering your house.

Dry the screen

The best way to dry a screen door is by leaving it in the sun for a couple of minutes. Ensure to wash a screen soon on a sunny day. Uses a towel to wipe water and ensure that your screen is completely dry before fixing it to the door.

Wash the door

After your screen is clean, you can start by cleaning the actual door. You can use the mixture if the cleaner and water also to wash it. Scrub the door in all corners to remove all dirt and debris. Dry it with a towel and put the screen back.

Screen Door Maintenance and Cleaning

Learning how to wash a screen door is not a difficult process, but it is a requirement. You do not need dirt and debris from building up making your screen looks ugly. Debris can damage the screen by getting stuck in hardware or hinges. Maintain it by regularly by vacuuming it to remove dust and pollen.