St. Patrick’s Day Cookies on a plate

St. Patricks’s day marks the major clean up in various cities and towns. And when you think about this day, the first things that will come to your mind are people dressed in green, shamrock, parades and maybe packed pubs. If you can wake up very early in the morning, that is the morning after the night; you will notice that the streets are not normally a pretty sight. People drop glass bottles, food wrappers, vomit, cans, and even urine.

But what about the people whose job is to make sure that they do the clean up after St Patrick’s day, they have to ensure the streets are clean and make everything go back to normal. For street cleaners, this is the busiest day of the year.

This is the busiest day than any other day of the year. You will find that this day has over one hundred and fifty cleaning shifts compared to the other days of the year. Therefore, the street cleaners do not have time for their families during this time.

The night before the parade, there is a night crew which is normally assigned to begin the cleanup. And many are the times when more workers are shifted from other areas to the city; this is because this day, extra staff is normally needed due to the increased workload.

Those working on night shift might begin working at 10 pm and finish at 6 am which is tiresome. And the morning after, there is a wash crew which is supposed to ensure that there is nothing on the road that should not be stepped on. If there are any kinds of an offensive poster, they are also responsible for taking it off.

Some of the messiest St Patricks’ days are normally when the sun shines. This is because people normally tend to make the day out of good weather like sunny weather. This might require the cleaners to clean at least three times that day. The most surprising thing is that even after cleaning it three times, there will still be some rubbish and bottles around the streets at night. And that is why there is a night crew for that; on top of that, there is also a 4 am crew which is supposed to deal with early morning rubbish.

Councils doing cleanup after St. Patrick's Day have reported of cleaning up to 20 tons of rubbish compared to the normal weekends which they only clean up to 5 tons of rubbish.

The most important thing is health and safety, that why the council normally ensures that the cleaners are placed in crews, this is to avoid the instances of someone working alone. And by doing this, they will be in a position to work as they enjoy themselves; hence they will be very happy as they work. They also avoid walking into a group that they think might cause trouble; they, therefore, opt to clean that area later when the group is already gone.