There are all sorts of good reasons to keep an untidy and uncluttered room clean. This is especially the case with your living room, as this is always the main area in which you will welcome guests. In addition, you won't have to worry about tripping over anything left laying around, and you'll feel much better once the entire space is clean.

Here are some useful tips that you can make note of in order to help you maintain a clean living room.

1. Listen to Music While You Clean

This is something that will not only make your job much more easier and fun at the same time, but it will also make the cleaning process itself even more enjoyable.

2. Make Sure Everything is Put in its Proper Place

Chances are at some point in your life, you've likely heard the phrase "everything should always be put in its proper place." This is a phrase that always holds true when it comes to cleaning your living room. Always make sure that everything is put where it's actually supposed to go, as this will make these items easier to find later on.

3. Vacuum and Dust the Entire Space Once Per Week

This is a task that will always make you pick up extra items that otherwise shouldn't be laying around, as well as put them back where they should go. In addition, it will make the entire space feel a great deal more tidy.

4. Put Your Shoes Away Immediately

Many individuals always take their shoes off right when they walk in the door, especially after a long, hard day at work. However, instead of leaving them laying around on your living room floor, put them in another area where they will be out of the way, such as inside a closet.

5. Organize All of Your Media

Regardless of the type of media that you have, whether it be DVDs, records, or CDs, take the time to find a proper space for them. Once you do, organize them in such a way that they look attractive and help your living room flow well.

6. Don't Pile Your Mail

Whenever most people check their mail, they tend to pile everything up in one particular area. This is something that you actually want to avoid doing, as this will only create more clutter as time goes on. Instead, create an organizer to place all of your important mail in, such as bills. Your junk mail, on the other hand, can go right into the recycling bin.

7. Clean Up Any and All Clutter at the End of the Day

Before going to bed at night, walk around your living room and pick up any and all clutter that doesn't belong there. If it's garbage, throw it away. If it belongs in another room, simply take it there and put it in its proper place.

8. Removing Cobwebs and Dust

The best way to remove cobwebs that collect on your living room ceiling is to use either a broom or a vacuum hose. In terms of removing dust, which commonly collects on both light fixtures and ceiling fans, you can use the same methods to remove this.

9. Use Furniture Pieces that Have Hidden Storage Spaces

Rather than using more traditional furniture pieces in your living room, consider opting for pieces that contain hidden storage spaces in them. For instance, you can use a storage ottoman as both a coffee table and a way to store extra items by simply lifting up the top of it and placing them inside.

10. Use Baskets as Temporary Homes for Magazines

Having your favorite magazines strewn all over one of your living room tables can make the space itself look extremely untidy. Rather than resorting to this, consider investing in a neat basket to store these magazines in. When the inside of the basket begins to get too full, simply free up some space by putting old issues into the recycling bin.

There are many other tips that you can follow in order to help maintain a clean living room, and you can even work to come up with creative ideas of your own! As long as you follow all of these basic ideas, however, you will have no problem at all with ensuring that your living room always stays as clean as possible.