Looking to get hold of a coffee table but are worried as to whether you would be able to keep it clean? You could have read about those horror stories when cleaning coffee tables went wrong. 

Here is the thing though - coffee tables are easy to clean most of the times. Depending on the type of coffee table you do buy - whether glass or wooden, the level and type of care would differ.

However, the only thing that will help you with keeping your coffee table clean down the years is some love and care - and we will tell you just how you can go about it.

The Top Coffee Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

Coffee tables, whether they are made of glass, wood or stone, tend to become stained and dusty if not cleaned regularly. A dirty coffee table will create a terrible impression on your guests and irritate you.
Most coffee tables are made of either glass or wood. Here are some easy tips for cleaning them with the least trouble.

For Glass Tables - How Do You Clean It?

Don't just clean the table with any cloth, especially if it is made up of glass. It could scratch the surface easily. Even if it is made of wood, it is a good idea to follow the right precautions to ensure longevity.  
You need more than just water and a cloth if you want that blinding sparkle.

A commercial glass-cleaning razor blade is extremely useful in cleaning all sorts of gunk which are harder to clean than regular spills. The sharp edge of the razor can remove all the spots with you having to put in a much lesser effort.

A lint-free microfiber cloth will help you clean your table much faster. If you have no choice but to use newspaper, then be careful of the ink transfer that is bound to happen once it gets wet. Wear gloves to be on the safe side.

All soaps aren't suitable to be used in the cleaning solution because of their tendency to leave stains behind. Choose soft soaps and keep the amount to a minimum.

Instead of using regular water with high mineral content, try using distilled water when cleaning glass tabletops. The minerals tend to leave streaks on the surface which can look uncomely.

For that extra sparkle, try buffing the tabletop with a chamois or microfiber cloth which will surely make the table shine. Once the table is cleaned, do not forget to follow a strict maintenance regimen if you want it to keep looking great.

If you are using a cleaner like vinegar, you should always opt for the undiluted form or else you might be left with significant streaks on the glass tabletop.

Sometimes we forget to clean both sides of the tabletop when cleaning the glass. This can lead to stains showing through. Most glass tabletops can be easily detached, but be careful since they are very fragile.

In case you chose a chemical cleaner, then make sure that the wooden legs or border do not get a drop of it. It is best to remove the glass and clean it separately. You can use basic furniture polish to clean the wood.

For wood tables: How Do You Go About the Cleaning?

Wooden tables also need your care. While not as delicate as glass tables, you do need to clean them regularly. Here are a few tips to help you do that easily.

You should regularly dust it with a lint-free cloth so that patches of dust do not end up creating microscopic scratches on the surface of the table.

Go natural and use a cleaning solution made of warm water, vinegar and a drop of soap.

Do not ignore the carved or engraved areas because they are the most likely to collect dust.

When you feel the natural gloss of the table to be fading, take steps to polish it.

If you notice a lot of dents and scratches, then use the natural oils of nuts to darken the wood.

It is difficult to remove water rings from a wooden table, so make sure you always use coasters and trays.

Understanding The Importance

Some of these tables can be costly - upwards of a few hundred dollars, and while we are sure they look lovely, you would want to make them look new and last for a while. To make sure that your living room always looks polished and classy, it is essential that you keep your coffee table squeaky clean. These tips are sure to help you!