We can all agree that no matter your efforts to have a clean home, the carpet will finally be the casualty of accidents, spills, drops, and anything that is underneath of your footwear. Regardless of all these stains, you still want to get rid of them and have a clean carpet. There are several ways you can use to get rid of carpet stains. If you have been having the headache of removing carpet stains, these tips below will make carpet cleaning your most preferred task.

Remove surplus immediately

carpet stain

Get off any surplus solid using a butter blade or spoon thus will ensure that the spill or drip does not turn out to be a permanent mark. Gently wipe out the extra liquid using a clean white, permeable fabric starting from the outer part of the rim of the tinge to the middle to avoid spreading. You may blot but not rub as this might damage the fibers of the carpet permanently. Do this again and again until the fabric does not pick any color anymore.

Apply an antiseptic

Ensure to spray the stains left over the carpet with a carpet disinfectant. You may get a stain remover or formula from your nearest store. Ensure you do not over-wet the spot as this might spoil the support. It is recommended that you examine colorfastness in a not easily seen spot before you go ahead and apply a disinfectant to the tinge on the mat.

Wipe out the blemish

Get a white and absorbent cloth and use it to wipe the stain starting from the outside to the inside. Do it again and again until you see that the stain does not transfer to the fabric.
Using a plain, white, soft cloth, blot from the outside to inside. Redo until the spot no longer shifts to the material. Wet it using cold water and then dry it. Some stain removers are fantastic because they can handle various types of dirt.

Use white vinegar combination

Morning container soap plus water in a spray jug both mixed are great stain removers. Spray the part of the spill and allow it to soak for around five or ten minutes and go ahead to blot using a tidy towel. Do this until the spot is no longer available.

Use club soda

According to Oprah, club soda releases the dirt and makes it rise to the surface hence making it effortless to remove.  She says that when there is a spill on the carpet, ensure the cover it right away using a dose of club soda.


Take all precautions to look after your carpet and its appearance. Many procedures and techniques used to remove stains from carpets apply household cleaners and chemical. Sometimes the household cleaners may not be enough that is why you should get a cleaning agent from a reputable store. If that is not enough, get a carpet cleaning expert to do the cleaning for you. While carpet cleaning can be a tedious task, you need to be careful and educate everyone around the home.